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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

***Humbling and Inspirational Individuals - Randy Pausch and Lisa Kerr

If you've not heard it yet, be sure to check out the Last Lecture of Randy Pausch on YouTube or visit his Webpage for links to download and/or purchase it on DVD.

I just saw him deliver this talk on a recent Oprah, and I'm grateful a friend called to encouraged me to record it. What an inspiration! He's a Professor at Carnegie Mellon who is dying of Pancreatic Cancer, but living each day in the present ... making a difference.

Also featured was Lisa Kerr whose book CRAZY SEXY CANCER TIPS is one I intend to read. She's been diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer out there but responds to the difficult questions with amazing observations like:
"Life is too sweet to be bitter"
"Desperation turns to inspiration"

These two people remind us that life is a terminal condition for all of us. As Randy said,
"We can't control the cards we're dealt.
We can only play the hand we're holding."


wgasawoman said...

I have not been able to get Randy or Lisa out of my head since that Oprah show. The biggest inspiration for me was Randy talking about how to ask for forgiveness - not just being sorry but then finding out what will actually make it better for the one who was hurt. Thanks for putting the links - my blogosphere learning has just begun.

storyteller said...

And thanks for returning to visit and comment here Sharon. I'm inspired that you're getting your "Revolution" under way. For now I'm content to speak my truth and let myself be know ... just as I am ... and I'm happy to share what I've been discovering, especially since I realize many out there don't have so much "discretionary" time to wander in the Blogosphere. It's a wonderful world indeed!

SandyCarlson said...

Pausch is a generous man to allow so many to learn some otherwise difficult lessons through his struggle.

storyteller said...

SandyCarlson – Yes he certainly is … and thanks for bringing my attention back to his life by commenting on this post from my early days of blogging. I'm amazed at what I've learned and how I've 'evolved' in the Blogosphere during these first 7 months. I just watched the ‘Last Lecture’ again … and wonder how he’s doing. Perhaps I’ll check for an update this weekend.
Hugs and blessings,