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Friday, August 29, 2008

SkyWatch#9 & HF#68 California Clouds ...

Late today because
I decided it was time
to make a 'logo'

of my own for these
combined Sky Watch Friday posts
blended with Haiku ...

Different clouds today
viewed from my front patio ...
Lovely are they not?

Last week's 'wispy' clouds
seemed like 'angels' drifting by.
What do you see here?

Click for others participating in Sky Watch this week at its new home.
~ ~ ~
Haiku Friday #69 is be at Small Reflections ... finally.
moving S L O W L Y today.

For others participating in Haiku Friday this week go to A Mommy Story. Jennifer is no longer hosting Haiku Friday at 'Playgroups.' (To see my previous Haikus, click on the Haiku Friday label below this post or in the sidebar under About Me where you'll find a 'directory' of my Haikus on both blogs).

If you've not seen them and have time ...
check out my most recent 'photo experimentations' using 'Photoshop filters'
Small Reflections and here at Sacred Ruminations.

Thought for Today
"Nothing encourages creativity like the chance to fall flat on one's face." James D. Finley


Kahshe Cottager said...

Those clouds are like a great big fan of ostrich feathers doing a fan dance in that big blue sky!

Thanks for visiting my SWF and commenting!

Lapa37 said...

They look so pretty and feathery I love it. Thanks for the wonderful comment you left me.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

ST: Those are great clouds in your skies.

Quiet Paths said...

Indeed they are quite lovely! I love the palms' accent.

Mike Golch said...

the photos are Great!

Mom Knows Everything said...

What beautiful pictures! The clouds look so pretty!

SandyCarlson said...

I sure do like that gentle curtain drawn across heaven!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures love the clouds

Barb said...

I see a great big fish, Storyteller! My sky watch is on my Dogwood Daze blog!

Nancy said...

I really liked your pictures. The kind of day some people never even go outside. They are so delicately floating by.

Roan said...

Lovely clouds. I swear I see a face in the first shot.

Betty said...

Nice pictures of the clouds. They are very pretty and different looking clouds.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Joyce said...

I very much enjoy your Skywatch photos, Storyteller. It amazes me sometimes how different the sky appears in different parts of the U.S. It would be quite rare to see - is that a mackerel sky? - in our part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are very, very lovely:) Nice capture for SWF. Have a nice weekend:)

Louise said...

They are indeed quite lovely. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much to love! The logo, the gorgeous sky, and all in haiku, too.

Tina Coruth said...


I love your new Skywatch icon and this week's haiku and photo! To me the photo looks like waves of clouds. It's as though the sky and the sea joined forces! Beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my skywatch! :-)


storyteller said...

Kahshe Cottager – You’re most welcome. What a wonderful image you’ve shared here! They DO look like a ‘fan of feathers’ … how imaginative you are!

Lapa37 – It was my pleasure. I’m delighted you enjoyed my sky photos here.

Fishing Guy – I do feel most fortunate to have such skies to enjoy and photograph.

Quiet Paths, Mike Golch and Tammy
I’m happy you each enjoyed my Sky Watch clouds today.

Sandy Carlson – Another most lovely and imaginative image. Thanks for sharing.

TommyV – Thanks so much.

WillThink4Wine – Ohmygosh … I see it now too, but I didn’t before. How ‘kewl’ is that!

Nancy – I know what you mean. One of the best things about being retired is having the opportunity to enjoy such skies as these at a slower pace and take them in.

B.Roan – Hmmm … methinks you have better ‘perception’ than I do in this regard.

Betty – Actually I see skies like this fairly often around here, but not in other places. Thanks for the good wishes.

Joyce – I don’t know what they call this kind of sky … but I may do a little ‘cloud research’ when time permits to see what I can find out about ‘mackerel skies’ now that you’ve introduced the term here.

Randi – Thanks and same to you ;--)

Louise – I’m glad you enjoyed my Southern California clouds and Haiku poetry. It’s become a Friday ‘thing’ for me here at Sacred Ruminations.

Maggie – You’re so sweet! Thanks for the ‘kudos’ … high praise from the Haiku Queen herself!!!

Tina Coruth – Thanks for mentioning my new Skywatch Haiku Friday logo … I enjoyed creating one of my very own … finally.

To all – I appreciate each of you visiting and sharing your reactions to my Skywatch Haiku Friday post … and I’ve enjoyed visiting your blogs too. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

threesidesofcrazy said...

Absolutely beautiful clouds this week.

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful! I love this new logo too but really that;s a great sky!

storyteller said...

Tamy (at 3 sides of Crazy) and Lisa’s Chaos
Thanks to you both for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I do enjoy seeing all the skies shared on Fridays, but there’s nothing quite like the ‘real’ thing is there? I feel blessed to be able to view such skies regularly here at the beach in Southern California. As for the logo … I appreciate the feedback, Lisa. I plan to create more specific logos (as you’ve done for Fun Monday) and some awards too as time permits. Since I usually combine Sky Watch with Haiku Friday, this one called me to create it as one of my first. I hope you’re both having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Yolanda said...

Beautiful Sky watch photo.

storyteller said...

Yolanda – Thanks … I’ve enjoyed seeing all the skies shared by bloggers the world over … and have a NEW one today (actually 7 different variations) because it’s Friday AGAIN ;--)
I appreciate your visit and hope all’s well with you.
Hugs and blessings,