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Monday, May 11, 2009

Haiku Festival - Spunky Sparrows

lovely neighborhood
garden delicacies bring
numerous sparrows

Click to embiggen ...
for other Haiku Festival Participants,
and for my other 'Haiku Festival' posts at
Grandma's Garden at Happily Retired Gal
& Day Lilies at Small Reflections.

Feel free to join the Haiku Festival Fun today!

more garden delights
collaged & shared earlier
on another blog

Thought for Today
"Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes." Carl Sandburg


christina said...

Ah, the beauty of the sparrow. This is beautiful.
Happy haiku day!
: )

Karen said...

Absolutely beautiful pics--I love the color!

Lea said...

and how happy those sparrows are! Thanks for your gift of haiku and the visits!

Flower said...

Sparrows live freely and you have found them living happy!! Wonderful Haiku!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see so much on your blog to notice..I'll be back! I like the list you created about why you blog!

Golden West said...

I have sparrows, as well, and enjoy their presence daily. Nice meeting you!

Leenie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks also for reminding us that the common little sparrows can be a source of fun and beauty. Love your blog with all its colors and quotes

Isabel said...

Thank you for your visit and for bringing me to visit your sparrows. Lovely haiku!

Willow said...

Sweet haiku and sweet photo!

Willow said...

PS: I see you live in the OC. I'm a bit north of you--in the VC.

Leora said...

I love the little sparrows! Thanks to Michelle, I now know what a sparrow looks like. Many live around my house. A beautiful garden Grandma has.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Lovely springtime sparrows! These are great photos. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that this is the post for Nature Notes...How wonderful to be able to combine poetry and photography...two gifts.....Thank you for participating....Michelle

DeniseinVA said...

What a delightful collage of the little sparrow. Wonderful!

Quiet Paths said...

I always really enjoy your collages. Garden delicacies indeed! Great 'ku.

Carver said...

Beautiful collage of sparrows.

SandyCarlson said...

This is a delightful post.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts..