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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sky Watch, FaveFives, Just for Joy and more ...

1. Mimi's Cafe keeps offering email coupons for free 4-packs of muffins with purchase a breakfast, and I keep taking them up on the offer so I have quite a nice supply in my freezer for when they stop this marketing plan.

2. The weather this past week has been most unusual and today was no exception. After eating half of my Monterey Omelet, I sat in the blue chairs on the front patio ... with Molly greeting people passing by while I wrote for about an hour & a half. She got to meet and play with Guapo (see photo below), a new little dog that's been adopted by the guy who moved into the little blue house where Aloha & Jenke lived previously. I've shared photos of the two of them playing together for Camera Critters & Pet Pride at Small Reflections. I just noticed what BIG paws this little dog has and suspect he might grow to be much bigger eventually.

3. I stopped to take all five of these photos (and several others) today within minutes of one another (pointing the camera in different directions) while LISTENING to rumbling thunder inland under sunny skies above ... strange weather here in Southern California at the beach!

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4. Life's been richly exciting and quite busy with lots of wonderful changes recently! It all started during the 2010 Writer's Retreat in Taos, New Mexico this summer ... and the pieces came together during a 4-day event at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Phoenix, AZ. I've shared more details in my first post at my new self-hosted blog, Giraffe Journal.

5. I've discovered and availed myself of some marvelous resources online and feel as if I'm in school without leaving home ... getting an education by listening to 'free webinars' ... learning all about 'publishing' & 'internet marketing' as I move toward publishing my first book, creating a business and setting up a website.
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Thought for Today
"The universe is wired with the electricity of God, and each of us is a lamp. It doesn't matter the size or shape of the lamp; it only matters that the lamp is plugged in. With every prayer, every thought of forgiveness, every meditation, every act of love, we plug in. The more of us who plug in, to more the darkness of the world will be cast from our midst. Today, let's all increase love's wattage!" Marianne Williamson