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Friday, October 31, 2008

SkyWatch#18 & HF#86 - Hoping for rain ...

Watching cloudy skies
wishing for rain finally ...
Disappointed last

week, but today we've
morning drizzles ... not enough,
but hopefully more
showers will fall here
in the next few days as this
storm system moves through.
Note: As always, clicking on the images will 'biggify' them for better viewing.
Haiku Friday #85 is at Small Reflections.
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If you've not yet seen it, click to check out
the Andrew Zuckerman video: Wisdom
It's well worth your time!

Thought for Today

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Andrew Zuckerman: Wisdom ...

I found this at Yertle's who found it at Jen Lemen's ... and I thought
it worth passing along ... especially as the election approaches ...
just because. I hope you'll take time to watch, listen, and perhaps
pass it along as well.

Thought for Today
"Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences."
Norman Cousins

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #52


Photo sources: image above is from Flickzzz.com and below from Tut.com

9:16am Addendum
I just happened on a wonderful story at Sylvia's and wanted to leave a link here ... so if you have time and want to 'be moved' ... take a moment to click & read Sack Lunches.

Thought for Today

"The difference between where you are today and where you'll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you've read." Jim Rohn

Monday, October 27, 2008

BelatedBYBS#24, Sacred Life Sunday, and ...

"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads." Erica Jong

Blog Your
on Sundays ...
Not long ago I received a motivational email about Planting Priorities with the following questions from Stephen Covey.
"If you were to fault yourself in one of three areas, which would it be: (1) the inability to prioritize; (2) the inability or desire to organize around those priorities; or (3) the lack of discipline to execute around them? ... Most people say their main fault is a lack of discipline. On deeper thought, I believe that is not the case. The basic problem is that their priorities have not become deeply planted in their hearts and minds. They haven't really internalized Habit 2 [Begin with the end in mind]."
I suspect Dr. Covey is correct ... at least about me. It occurs to me often that the 'clutter' in my surroundings seems to reflect the 'clutter' in my mind. One of the reasons I stopped reading a newspaper in the morning and/or listening to the news and developed the habit of writing in my journal instead was to avoid 'contamination' and 'distraction' ... keeping my focus on 'what matters' ... and letting the rest fall away. This is, of course, easier said than done. I've found that using 'affirmations' throughout the day helps me maintain a more 'centered' focus in the face of chaos & challenge ... maintaining 'awareness' of the moment ... as I recognize 'now' is all there really is.

In addition to A Course in Miracles and other inspirational writings, I've relied on Louise Hay's YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE to help me use the physical symptoms I experience occasionally to consider possible causes. Her affirmations serve as models to help me cultivate 'new thought patterns' to 'replace' old beliefs I no longer need or want. Writing these on 'post-its' (and/or in my PDA to carry with me) helps me 'remind' myself of 'the end I want' (ala Covey), and here are a few I'm currently using:

I am one with all of life. The Universe totally supports me.

I easily flow with change. My life is Divinely guided and I'm always going in the best direction.

My mind is cleansed and free. I leave the past and move into the now.

I lovingly release the past. They are free and I am free. All is well in my heart now.

Joy now flows freely within me and I am at peace with life.

I release the need to be right. I am at peace. I love & approve of myself.

I release all that is unlike love and joy in my mind. I move from the past into the new fresh and vital.

I release the pattern of delay within me and I now allow success to be mine.

I am the creative power in my world. I am a decisive person.

I return my power to its rightful place & make my own decisions.

I make my decisions based on the principles of truth.

I rest securely knowing that only Right Action is taking place in my life.

I follow through with ease and support myself with love.

I open my heart and sing the joys of love. It's okay for me to make noise.

My loving thoughts keep my immune system strong.

I am safe inside & out. I heal myself with love.

What thoughts are you choosing today?

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Thought for Today
"I get up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult." E.B. White

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SkyWatch#17 & HF#84 - More pink clouds ...

More pink clouds this week
graced the skies and I took these
photographs to share ...

Seeing the full moon
in the west as sunrise comes
in the east ... Surprise!

Note: As always, clicking on the images will 'biggify' them for better viewing.
Haiku Friday #83 is at Small Reflections.
For others participating in Haiku Friday this week go to A Mommy Story. To see my previous Haikus, click on the Haiku Friday label below this post or in the sidebar.

Thought for Today
"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." Christopher Reeve

T-13 #45 - Celebrating my 1st Blogoversary


I celebrated my 1st Blogoversary
at Small Reflections ...
Thanks to Hootin' Anni for the 'kewl' Halloween T-13 graphics!

Today I celebrate here at Sacred Ruminations
with Thirteen Favorite Category Links

Have some cake & punch while you browse and
revisit my progress by clicking on a link or two
to note changes ... as time permits ;--)

1. BYB Sundays
My Sacred Life

2. Haiku Friday

Molly and MsKitty

4. Monday Motivator

My Flowers

6. My Gratitude Posts

7. One Single Impression

Photoshop Elements

9. Photo Hunt

Really Good Things

11. Sky Watch and Sunrise-Sunset

Taos Writers Retreat

Wordless Wednesday

I'm at my PSE6 class this morn.
Please leave me comments so I'm not forlorn

when I return, and I promise that I'll
visit this afternoon with a big smile!

This is my 256th post at Sacred Ruminations!

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In honor of this 'milestone' I've created the following 'award' and 'graphic' that you're welcome to 'snag' ... enjoy ... and share with others as you choose.

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
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Thought for Today
"I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself." Marlene Dietrich

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ellipsis MPS #1 - AlmostWordlessWednesday#51

I'm celebrating my
1st Blogoversary at Small Reflections today
and will celebrate here tomorrow ... hope you'll drop by.

Have you heard of EMPS? I happened upon Martha's post at Menagerie this morning and figured if she could do a Monday Photo Shoot on Tuesday, I could do it on Wednesday. Once I checked it out for myself ... it seems we have all week long to publish our photos, so I'm NOT late after all.

Here's the assignment Carly provided for this week...
EMPS #8: Reflections. We have a simple subject this week folks... Reflections. Grab your cameras, and show me a reflection of some sort. It could be in water, or in glass, or in any reflective surface. You might come up with something spooky, or something beautiful, even or someone deep in thought! Get it? Think about it! Be creative. Be daring. Be Reflective!
Extra Credit: Show me a REFLECTION of, well, you! :)

After the Rain ...
Click for others participating in EMPS and Wordless Wednesday.

Thought for Today
"I find I always have to write something on a steamed mirror."
Elaine Dundy

Monday, October 20, 2008

MondayMotivator#12 & news of Sylvia's blog

"You must have control
of the authorship of your own destiny.
"The pen that writes your life story
must be held in your own hand."
Irene C. Kassorla

5:15am - Tuesday morning addendum
of Almost There shared this sad news on her blog:

"Many of my readers also know Sylvia Kirkwood, of The View from Over the Hill ... but currently she is having a serious problem with her blog. She has asked some of us to inform as many of her readers as possible about this and give them her new information. Following is a copy of the email I received from her:
I'm emailing those of you for whom I have email addresses. Google has trashed my ability to access my blog and told me that my gmail address is non-existent and they have given me a new email address for my Gmail account, so while my blog is still available to visitors, I can't post anything. I've spent two days trying to get something to work, someone to talk to me about what and why, but it's impossible. Geek squads don't handle anything relating to Google. So, my only alternative is to create a new blog, with a similar a name, The View from the Other Side of the Mountain, and my first post will be about the problem. If you wouldn't mind putting a little tidbit about this on your blog, I would appreciate it. I'll also be in touch with Ronni to let her know as well.
Thanks so much,

So, there you have it. We will be able to reach her from now on at Sylvia from Over the Hill. The url is http://sylviafromoverthehill.blogspot.com.
Good Luck with the new blog, Sylvia!"
I've followed Sylvia's blog for a while now and find it insightful & stimulating. The photos she shares are lovely. I started to amend this post & pass the news along last night, but was a bit confused about the name and decided to wait until I heard from Bobbie.
After getting email clarification that the new name is, in fact,
Sylvia from Over the Hill and visiting Sylvia's new blog this morning, I've 'amended' this post ... so if you have time, drop by and leave her some encouraging words ... just because.

Thought for Today
"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." Stanley Horowitz

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunrise-Sunset#5 - BYBS#23 - Sacred Life Sunday

Thursday's Sunrise
from my front yard ... as promised on Friday

Click photo to 'embiggen' for a better view ...
for others participating in Sunrise-Sunset today.

Blog Your
on Sundays ...

It's been a while since I've shared 'Really Good Things' so I thought I'd do that today ... just because ;--)

1. The sunrise on Thursday was spectacular! I shared a few 'pink sky shots' from that morning on Friday, but saved the 'sunrise' photo at the top of this page (and a few other shots to be shared in future weeks) to publish separately. Isn't it magnificent?

2. Did you see the photos of the new baby reticulated giraffe born at the Memphis Zoo on August 29, 2008? Aren't these photos too amazingly precious for words?

Photo source: Memphis Zoo
Photos in collage are sequenced clockwise
and clicking on the collage will make it larger for better viewing.

"Giraffes give birth while standing, resulting in a slight fall to the ground for the baby upon its arrival. It typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for baby giraffes to begin walking" ... and they grow to be between 15-17 feet tall. Females can weigh up to 2500 lbs and males a ton or more. The first successful giraffe birth at this zoo occurred on November 5, 2006.

3. I was blessed by Hootin' Anni with two gifts of Halloween graphics lately. She's held 'drawings' at her blog all month for those who visit & leave comments ... and created different 'holiday thank you graphics' each week just for the winners. I acknowledged receipt of each at Small Reflections (the 1st in HF#79 and the 2nd today), but didn't mention them here ... until now.
They're both 'kewl' and oh so creative. FYI - the first isn't up for grabs, but the second is a 'party favor' ... so if you have time (and haven't yet dropped by) ... do give her a visit to collect your copy by clicking this Halloween Manor link to see & enjoy all her nifty holiday stuph.

HalloweenPartyTreat from Hootin Anni

4. I want to thank Mike of MJG's Rambling Thoughts for the 'I love your blog' award that he received from Sandee of ComedyPlus ...
It comes with these rules:
1. Those who have received this award, can add the picture.
Add a link to that person’s blog who awarded you.
Choose 7 others to receive this award and add links to their blogs.
Leave a message to their blogs so that they know about this.
but since I have trouble following rulez ... I'm giving it to everyone who is 'following' either of my blogs & my 'regular bloggy buddies' ... (you know who you are, but I'll try to drop by and leave you a message letting you know it's here) ... because I love YOUR blogs too!

5. Thanks also to
Mary of Mary's Writing Nook for this 'kewl' animated award! I need to learn to do this thing myself. In the meantime ... I would like to present all of my friends with this animated friends button. Right click and "save as." Since blogger doesn't like animated graphics, upload it to Photobucket, copy and paste the HTML code that's provided there to place it on your blog.

6. This past week was an incredibly busy one ... (so that I was away from home more than usual) ... but I was able to connect with friends in the 'real world' that I'd not seen for a while, get my hair cut & permed, catch up on the phone with my sister (who's currently traveling in the Florida 'Pan-Handle' ... headed for New Orleans next) several times, and still managed to publish daily at Small Reflections in addition to sharing four posts here at Sacred Ruminations. What I didn't have was nearly as much time to visit other blogs. I'm hoping next week won't be quite so rushed and that I'll have more 'discretionary' time for such things.

7. I'm grateful that the Santa Ana winds have stopped blowing and that the wildfires are under control (and/or extinguished) locally. It's hard to fathom that it's been almost a year since I started 'blogging' ... (while more than a dozen fires were burning in Southern California) ... but I'm thinking about how to celebrate my 1st Blogoversary at Small Reflections in 3 days and here at Sacred Ruminations in 4 days. I've made no firm decisions yet, but hopefully inspiration will strike and things will come together between now and then.

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Blessed Be ... and so it is!

Thought for Today
"As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world." Adabella Radici

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Hunt #26 - Family

Note: If you're looking for Sky Watch #16 or Haiku Friday #82 ... you'll find them below this post. Camera Critters & Smiley Saturday and Haiku Friday #81 are at Small Reflections.

This is my 26th
This week's theme is Family
Click for others participating in Photo Hunt this week.

Counting down ...
My 1st Blogoversary is in 5 days.
For those who read 'the fine print' ... there actually is
one real 'family photo' on this blog at the bottom of the page,
so if you click 'end' you'll see it. I'm the youngest (in my father's arms).

Thought for Today
"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold." Ogden Nash

Friday, October 17, 2008

SkyWatch#16 - HF#82 ... Colorful Clouds

Yesterday these skies
greeted me in colorful
sunrise reflections ...
On Sunday I shall
share the actual sunrise
for 'Sunrise-Sunset' ...

a new weekly meme
Hootin' Anni discovered
a few weeks ago.

Click on the logo to check this new meme out today
so you can participate on Sunday too!
Note: As always, clicking on the images will 'biggify' them for better viewing.
For others participating in Haiku Friday this week go to A Mommy Story. To see my previous Haikus, click on the Haiku Friday label below this post or in the sidebar.

Thought for Today
"Silence is more musical than any song." Christina Rossetti

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #50

Photo source: Flickzzz
Click for others participating in Wordless Wednesday today.
My 'wordier' Whimsical Wednesday post is at Small Reflections.

10:30am addendum
I just learned of this at Vixen's Den and thought I'd pass it along ... just because. I plan to participate for sure.

Thought for Today
"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure." Oprah Winfrey