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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Hunt #26 - Family

Note: If you're looking for Sky Watch #16 or Haiku Friday #82 ... you'll find them below this post. Camera Critters & Smiley Saturday and Haiku Friday #81 are at Small Reflections.

This is my 26th
This week's theme is Family
Click for others participating in Photo Hunt this week.

Counting down ...
My 1st Blogoversary is in 5 days.
For those who read 'the fine print' ... there actually is
one real 'family photo' on this blog at the bottom of the page,
so if you click 'end' you'll see it. I'm the youngest (in my father's arms).

Thought for Today
"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold." Ogden Nash


Gattina said...

I am sure that these families are far cuter than human once, hehehe !

Sandy said...

Precious and nice take on theme.

Anonymous said...

We love your photo, Storyteller! And today's quote is so true... where there are children there will be colds, or whatever else happens to be going around!

Anonymous said...

What a cute collection of family photos!

Sylvia K said...

Really love the photos! There's a message on the video that says it's no longer available or I would have watched it, too.

Anonymous said...

those polar bears are adorable. :O

Anonymous said...

Lovely collage and sweet thought, I had a cold last week!
Happy hunting and happy weekend !

Baba said...

Thanks for sharing your shots of our animal families!!!Have a good week-end. Hugs, baba

Clara said...

That polar bear is so cool. Looks almost like a human mom and child. And I want to cuddle all those kitties into my lap! It's a great post. And thanks for stopping by my place, too.

Michelle said...

Such sweet families. Family is such an important bond. I'm always glad that I have mine.

Momisodes said...

Awww, such adorable, furry families :)