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Sunday, October 5, 2008

BYBS#21 - Sacred Life Sunday

Because I've not taken any new Sunrise-Sunset photos
I won't be participating in that meme today,
but I offer this ... just because
Photo source: Flickzzz.com

Blog Your
on Sundays ...

I'm grateful for resources like Flickzzz.com and Photobucket where photos like the one at the top of this post and graphics like this 'Blessings' wreath are available. Perhaps one day I'll be able to create such things myself ... but for today, I'd like to thank Angels Among Us and Lark H for making this (and other) Fall graphics available. Although I don't yet fully understand just how this site works, I've finally created a 'free account' of my own there and have learned to 'copy' graphics to my 'album' there to avoid having them 'disappear suddenly & unexpectedly' (without any notification) from my posts. There's so much I still need to learn in this 'virtual world' ... and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so.

As my regular readers know, I am a student of A Course in Miracles, though my practice is less regular than it once was. When daily stress and chaos arise, I return to the lessons to calm my mind and redirect my thoughts. Yesterday's Lesson #124 was "Let me remember I am one with God." Exhaling with relief ... I was reminded gently that God is my companion (and yours) as we walk in the world ... alone and together ... all one.
"What we receive is our eternal gift to those who follow after, and to those who went before or stayed with us a while. And God, Who loves us with the equal love in which we were created, smiles on us and offers us the happiness we gave."
Remembering his Love (and choosing to release all doubt), we can feel 'His Presence' in our hearts and allow 'His Thoughts' into our minds ... seeing only the loving & lovable ... repeating to ourselves hourly:
"Let me remember I am one with God,
A one with all my brothers and my Self,
In everlasting holiness and peace."
I'm moved to share excerpts today's lesson from A Course in Miracles, just because ...
FYI: As I read, my mind substitutes 'feminine' pronouns and verbs for the 'masculine' ... to make the lessons more relevant, but I 'quote' the language as it's printed in the Workbook for Students.

Lesson #125

"In quiet I receive God's Word today."

"Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening. ... No peace is possible until His Word is heard around the world; until your mind, in quiet listening, accepts the message that the world must hear to usher in the quiet time of peace.

This world will change through you. No other means can save it, for God's plan is simply this: The Son of God is free to save himself, given the Word of God to be his Guide, forever in his mind and at his side to lead him surely to his Father's house by his own will, forever free as God's. He is not led by force, but only love. He is not judged, but only sanctified.

In stillness we will hear God's Voice today without intrusion of our petty thoughts, without our personal desires, and without all judgment of His holy Word. We will not judge ourselves today, for what we are can not be judged. We stand apart from all the judgments which the world has laid upon the Son of God. It knows him not. Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God.

... His Voice would give to you His holy Word, to spread across the world the tidings of salvation and the holy time of peace. ...

Today He speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word can not be heard until you mind is quiet for a while, and meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet. There is peace within you to be called upon today, to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice for its Creator speak.

Three time today, at times most suitable for silence, give ten minutes set apart from listening to the world, and choose instead a gentle listening to the Word of God. He speaks from nearer than your heart to you. His Voice is closer than your hand. His Love is everything you are and that He is; the same as you, and you the same as He.

It is your voice to which you listen as He speaks to you. It is your Word He speaks. It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and purpose, with no separation nor division in the single Mind of Father and of Son. In quiet listen to your Self today, and let Him tell you God has never left His Son, and you have never left your Self.

Only be quiet. You will need no rule but this, to let your practicing today lift you above the thinking of the world, and free your visions from the body's eyes. Only be still and listen. You will hear the Word in which the Will of God the Son joins in his Father's Will, at one with it, with no illusions interposed between the wholly indivisible and true. As every hour passes by today, be still a moment and remind yourself you have a special purpose for this day; in quiet to receive the Word of God."

As I practice today's lesson, I hold in mind that tomorrow's lesson teaches "All that I give is given to myself." So ... when I ask myself today ... what is it that I want? The answer comes quickly ... peace is my heart's desire. Since that's the case, today I choose to practice peace with myself & with others in all circumstances, no matter what arises ... remembering 'peace' is all I want. Perhaps that's why I shared information about the upcoming Blog Blast for Peace on each of my blogs last weekend.
Blessed Be ... and so it is.

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Bengbeng said...

peace is my heart's desire-> phew really abstract :) but good to reach out for

storyteller said...

Bengbeng – Thanks for your visit and comment. Actually (at the advanced age of 63 and just 4 months from my 64th birthday) … peace is anything BUT abstract. For me it’s pervasively personal and has to do with calming MY mind … redirecting MY thoughts, choosing peace for MYSELF in all instances … no matter what’s happening around me. I believe with all my heart, mind, and spirit that when enough of us hold peace as a personal goal (each in our own varied ways) actively embracing peace as a personal choice … chaos and conflict will fade and new ideas will emerge … leading to creative resolutions of personal and collective challenges.
Hugs and blessings,

SandyCarlson said...

Wonderful post, Storyteller. We do seek to be one with God. Perhaps that's why the spiritual quest is about finding the way home. Thanks for sharing the Course with us through this post. God bless, friend.

PERBS said...

I didn't know other people could use MY photos on Photobucket!!!!!!!! I guess I better go delete my account.

Interesting take on challenges in finding peace.

Whatever said...

That is an interesting lesson. I especially like the idea of stopping and listening for a bit.

Unknown said...

I love that sunset silhouette! Peace is always good to desire, difficult to attain, and more difficult the more people are involved.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Stop by my Mom Knows Everything blog and see a picture of my daughter participating in the Blessing Of The Animals service they did at church.

Sylvia K said...

A Course in Miracles is one of my daily favorites, have been reading it for twenty years. Always a good reminder.

Michelle said...

I love this photo and such a wonderful post. The photo is just breath taking. Thanks for sharing.