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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have you seen this amazing sequence?

My OSI Week 23: Folly posts

can be found here and here

I found this at Cute Overload Press this morning
and wanted to share ... just because ;--)

Interspecies Snorgling—Canada Style

Here's what I think happened. This Polar Bear bear obviously saw the Interspecies Snorgling section of C.O. and decided to investigate his local options.

Tenative at first, the bear wandered over to a pack o' sled dogs in Canada's Hudson Bay and approached a Snorglee.


What followed next can only be described as a solid Husky Snorf™.


With one inhalation, the bear was hooked.


The public nomming displays kinda got outta control, drawing the attention of local photographers.


A great romance ensued, complete with chains [The sign of any great romance]


Polarbears_amazon I'm SURE everyone lived happily ever after. Snopes has verified this story, People. So it's tewtelly for reals. Photos by the fabulous Norbert Rosing.

P.S., Norbert is the same Dude who took this awesome shot, on the cover of his book. Holy Symmetrical Haunch Action!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The only thing I add here today is this ...
Thought for Today
"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder." Charles Morgan


Karen said...

How adorable! It cheered me right up!

Joyce said...

Thanks, Storyteller, for sharing the fun, unbelievable pictures of the husky and polar bear friends. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so precious! I love it!

Thanks for commenting at my place!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - gives us hope for the human race!

Anonymous said...

My other identity...see above

Geraldine said...

How beautiful and adorable! Polar bears are so cuddly looking but they are a very ferocious animal, when provoked. Thanks for sharing.


Tina Coruth said...

Wow! That is amazing and so cute!

storyteller said...

Karen – Hey you! I’m glad to know I brightened your day by sharing this one. Kara is the one who told me about these ‘photo sites’ and I often check them out when I need a lift too.

Joyce – There’s so much available on the Internet that there’s no way to keep up with it all. I get by with a bit of help from ‘virtual friends’ and enjoy passing things like this on … just because.

Toni – You’re quite welcome. I do try to get around and visit a varying of sites whenever time permits, but keeping current remains a challenge. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit here.

Jennifer – Unfortunately, neither of your links take me anywhere … so I can’t visit. If you clicked the little box for follow up comments, you should receive this ‘thank you’ for visiting ;--)

Geraldine – Yup … bears often look cuddily but seldom are … and it’s good to keep this in mind when around these lumbering critters.

Tina Coruth – I’m delighted you enjoyed this post ;--)

To all – Thanks to everyone for visiting and sharing your thoughts here. I apologize for being slow to respond. This past weekend just got away from me, but I’m doing what I can to catch up today. Hope you and yours are well.

Hugs and blessings,