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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunrise-Sunset#8 - BYBS#27 - Sacred Life Sunday

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I took this sunset photo on
Saturday, November 15th, while the
Santa Ana winds were still blowing smoke
off shore and out to sea ...
conditions creating dramatic skies!
Click on photo to embiggen for better viewing.
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Really Good Things

1. I've thoroughly enjoyed keeping a cumulative gratitude list in the sidebar at Small Reflections this month ... adding one new thought each day. I'm definitely going to continue the practice during December.

2. After learning of a few unforseen 'disasters' with friends using Blogger and with help from Melissa at Part of Everything, I've managed to create 'backups of my blogs' ... sort of. The posts and comments show up, but not the 'widgets' ...

3. In addition, I've created a WordPress account and will be experi-menting with that platform as time permits. I've been wanting to compare the features & explore the possibilities for a while, but I have no immediate plans to make any significant changes. I just don't want to lose what I've created in the past 13 months or have
to start over from scratch if at all possible.

4. Although I've not had time to update Blog Rolls, Bling, & Blurbs for quite some time, I've received and shared several awards recently on this blog and at Small Reflections. If you missed them & time permits, check out An Autumn Award & a Blessing and HF#91 to snag, enjoy, & share them with others. Clicking on the 'label' award underneath those two posts will take you to other posts with awards I've shared officially but not yet added to my 3rd blog.

5. Interestingly, I've not found it difficult to publish daily on both blogs for NaBloPoMo. What has been challenging is keeping up with email & blog visits ... but as I continue to 'cull' the blogs in my 'reader' I suspect I'll eventually reach a more manageable number. In the meantime, I spend what time I can catching up with & responding to waiting emails.

Wishing all a
Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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Thought for Today
"Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and reverent lifting of the heart to God in honor and praise for His goodness."
Robert Casper Lintner


Richard Lawry said...

An awesomely amazing photo. Just give me some time and I will think of some more superlatives. Thanks for posting this wonderful photo.

An Arkie's Musings

Sandee said...

The photograph is indeed strikingly beautiful.

This week will be pretty busy for me so I'm not going to be around as I usually am. Everyone comes here for Thanksgiving. I'm very grateful for that too.

Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors in your sunset photo!

CyberCelt said...

You can backup your widgets and such by saving your template.

I moved from Blogger to WordPress and my own domain and it was not easy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

PERBS said...

Such beautiful colors!!!! How do you create backups?

Good for you for writing every day!

Joyce said...

What a beautiful photo, Storyteller.

I wish you a great Thanksgiving Day, too!

Karen said...

I'll join the chorus--fantastic photo!!

I've thought about leaving Typepad, but I, too, am afraid of losing everything I've done for the past year. It's difficult.

I'm looking forward to the holiday--it'll be peaceful. Just getting together with good friends on the actual day, and then enjoying our little family before the next big holiday comes, and the extended family starts arriving.

Debbie@Like a Rose said...

Postcard perfect photo of the sunset. I like your reflections pictures on Saturday too. I've been a little under the weather so there was no Photo Hunt for me this week :(

Raven said...

Gorgeous photo.

It really is hard to keep up with everyone... I wind up visiting one or two regularly and forgetting sites that I visited fairly regularly when I did the big memes more regularly. I'm hoping to get back on track now that I'm out of the crazed political madness that took over me for a while.

You're braver than I am to even think about moving everything... I don't know how you manage more than one blog.

Michelle said...

I've also been thinking about checking out word press. Do you like it? Some times I have problems with blogger. It drives me crazy. Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!