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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monochrome Mosaic - Morning Musings

Shared this morning at
Small Reflections ... converted
to black & white twice.

Subtle differences
leave me wondering which one
is my favorite.

Urban Landscape

Scenic Landscape

Click to embiggen for better viewing

Perhaps you'd be kind
enough to share your views in
comments to assist?

Fog obscured this morning's sunrise so it's not as pleasant to sit on the patio today ... though the chill in the air belies the heat to follow later. Beach life is more variable than 'inlanders' might realize. This morning's stillness reminds me that even though local birds aren't yet active ... occasional engines indicate folks are headed off to begin their day elsewhere. I'm grateful to be retired ... without a set schedule ... free to use the day as I choose.

Palms drip dew ... staining the sidewalks below.
African Lilies in my yard
open wide yesterday, have closed up ...
folded inward
yet in JP's yard they're in full bloom
while totally 'finished' at M & J's.

Everything in it's own time ;--)

Louise Hay reminds us that RESISTANCE is a point of entry!
I know that FEAR is another.

Prosperity is not a problem for me ...
FLOW is!
I block flow by holding on to that which
I no longer use, need, or want
simply out of HABIT
and FEAR ...
even when I know from experience
the habit no longer serves me well
and that the fear is unfounded.

I survived the loss of
my marriage
friends moving away
my big brother
and a significant betrayal of trust ...
the loss of fur-friends Ralph & Charly

I lost nothing but the ILLUSION
the perception of what was
for love remained ... steadfast.

LOVE lifted me
held me
comforted me
even through the loss of my health
and led me to recovery.

Action and inaction require BALANCE.
Paying attention helps me shift appropriately between the two.

Knowing WHEN to be still and listen
when to move with bold purpose
takes practice
and a willingness to ERR
in the service of learning.

There's no need to BE perfect.
limiting to self
irritating to others.

Perfection is in the imperfection
the willingness to make mistakes
and to learn from them.
It takes as long as it takes ...
and even THAT is perfect.

Feeling the fear and moving forward anyway
I take one step at a time
remembering that FEAR (like resistance)
is an old friend
rather than the enemy ...
and I welcome the familiarity with gratitude
as I step out in faith.

Thought for Today
"Rejoice in the small new beginnings. ... Remember that things come and go ... when something goes it is only to make room for something new and better." Louise Hay


Anonymous said...

You have enjoyed doing your mosaic - it's very good.

Mike Golch said...

I always enjoy seeing the mosaics that you put up,I'm guilty of not commenting so much,sorry.

George said...

I've really enjoyed these collages. I also enjoyed your musings. Thanks for both.

Martha said...

Yep, can definitely tell you enjoy putting these mosaics together! Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know about your entry - busy times and not much time to visit lately!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring words - It seems hard for me to put my thoughts in such a beautiful form - very beautiful words!

BPOTW said...

It all fits nicely together. The photos are great and the words are just wonderful.

Martha said...

Beautiful as always!

My Monochrome Pics

Carver said...

I love your mosaics. Very well done. Also an excellent post. Your thoughts are so well expressed and I can relate to much of it.

Robin said...

I went back and forth a few times but I think I prefer the second version with it's stronger contrast.

Both are so lovely and soothing though, as are your words.

Anonymous said...

I love the collages, giving us so much more to view and admire :)

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Fabulous photos and I love the Thought for Today! *hugs*