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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beautiful Shadowy Blooms ... Joy-filled Faves

and belatedly ...

1. Those who know me might have already guessed that I've been watching TENNIS this past week since the French Open started last Sunday, but I have taken time each day to walk Molly and snap some photographs ... Just for the JOY of it.

2. Between the coverage on The Tennis Channel and ESPN2, I've not had much time for anything else, but I did take time out Wednesday afternoon to get my hair cut & permed ... Just for the JOY of it and it's good to have 'care-free' hair again!

3. This morning (for some inexplicable reason) my Tennis Channel coverage died for about a half hour ... (although all my other channels were working just fine). With help from Tech Support at Time Warner Cable, I managed to get it working again ... though I missed some matches I wanted to see. Apparently (while I was without coverage) Serena Williams won her 3rd round match this morning, but Andy Roddick lost his ;-(

4. Friday morning I took a 3-hour class on Google Docs ... (Just for the JOY of it) ... and learned how to collaborate with others via the Internet. It's a pretty nifty tool ;-)

5. Today I'm sharing BEAUTIFUL shadowy views of African Iris blossoms ... also known as Fortnight Lily. Although MINE haven't yet bloomed this year, several of my neighbors' yards have been filled with lovely blooms this past week.

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Thought for Today
"Far away, there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." Louisa May Alcott


Sylvia K said...

Love your beautiful, flowery shadow shots! Marvelous captures! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

beautiful and I can imagine they do bring joy to all who see these lovely flowers. Nice to see you on both your blogs this afternoon; Enjoy the rest of your tennis weekend.

Vicki ~ FL said...

You said it allright ... beautiful flower shadows!

Unknown said...

Beautiful flower shadows. I love Irises, and have these in my garden.

Roll on Spring!

Barb said...

Obviously, your TV overheated from all the matches and needed a brief cool down! The Irises are beauties.

Hey Harriet said...

Lovely flowers! I'm sure yours will also bloom before too long! Sorry to hear that you missed part of the tennis exitement. How frustrating to lose coverage! Glad it's all sorted now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Claudia said...

Hey cutie!

Im like you-- I love tennis! Such a fun and great game.

Your iris is very nice too.

Thanks for joining us FFB :)

Have the best weekend!


jabblog said...

What a pretty flower and such shady shadows to qench the thirst :-)

Pat said...

These qre quite sriking photos--the African Iris against the dark and green background. Beautiful! They brightened my day.

Karen said...

Lovely photos--enjoy your weekend!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

HRG: A beautiful combinations of colors.

Susanne said...

Those african iris' are gorgeous! it's wonderful to do some things just for the sheer joy of it.