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Friday, August 1, 2008

SkyWatch#5 & HF#60 - Remembering ...

My first Sky Watch is at Small Reflections.Thanks to Scylla at Law & Motherhood for this cool Haiku button

As we waited for
others to return and board
the return shuttle

from St. John's island
in the Caribbean ... I
focused on the sky

with my camera
and captured this bird in flight ...
soaring through the skies.

Watching this morning
takes me back ... remembering
Caribbean Cruise.

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Thought for Today
"Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!" Owens Lee Pomeroy


Snap Catch said...

Great catch for skywatch! Happy weekend! Hope you'll visit mine too...

ellen b. said...

Beautiful. I enjoyed watching the bird fly with that beautiful sky. Have a great weekend and happy August to you!

magiceye said...

that looks lovely!

have posted a picture of a partial solar eclipse that we had in our mumbai skies today!

have a super weekend!

Indrani said...

Enjoyed seeing the bird soar freely in the sky. Wish we were free like them.

Texas Travelers said...

Oh wow. Now I want to get on a ship and feel the sea breeze.

Nice post and thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

Anonymous said...

i've never been on a cruise. are they really all that??

lovely video clip.

Raven said...

Gorgeous sky and wonderful video of the bird flying. I love watching them fly.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, just gorgeous!! Love this.

Unknown said...

Now that was a real treat! Nice job *big grin* and blessings and huggies too.

p.s. i have a gift for you. it's here: Perfect Blend of Friendship

Joyce said...

What lovely memories . . . and I enjoyed the humorous quote. :)

Anonymous said...


SandyCarlson said...

Lots of good stuff there, Storyteller. Thank you. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Storyteller! I love your video and your thought for the day. Thanks for visiting I Was Born2Cree8 today. I enjoyed your comment.

Alice at: I Was Born2Cree8
My 1st SWF post is here: Sky Watch Friday

Reba’s dog blog: Reba’s Run
Reba’s 1st SWF post here: Sky Watch Friday

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Mine is up as well. Hope to see you there! Have a great weekend!


Jules said...

SO did you ever find out phat type of bird it is?

Eve said...

I love your thought for today. (The Haiku is nice, too.) I always enjoyed grammar in school so this is right up my alley.

Roan said...

Beauitful blue! Happy Friday!

esnorway said...

great SWF nice pic have good weekend

Kelly said...

I really enjoy your blog! Great photos!

kjpweb said...

Cool! I think that's the 1st SWF Video I've ever seen!
Cheers, Klaus

Karen said...

It's a moment of being "one" with the world and all that's on it...beautiful!

storyteller said...

To all – Thanks to all of you for visiting my ‘soaring bird video’ at Sacred Ruminations for this week’s combined SkyWatch & Haiku Friday. I appreciate all of your comments and am delighted to have the distinction (according to Klaus) that mine was the first ‘video’ Sky Watch ever. How ‘kewl’ is that!!! I love seeing ‘sky views’ from all over the world each week (without having to leave home) and always learn something new as I make my rounds to as many participants as time permits. I hope you’ll return and I look forward to future visits to your sites as well.
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


What an excellent capture of Skywatch Friday! Beautiful!

ps I fixed mine. I wasn't able to get back. It was a hectic weekend. I will be sure to at least pop in for a second the next day no matter what is going on.

storyteller said...

Tina – I’m delighted you got a chance to see and enjoy it. I’ll drop by yours in a little while (after I walk Molly) and return to the computer. Isn’t it frustrating when our ‘virtual’ and real lives conflict? LOL All’s well that ends well.
Hugs and blessings,