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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BelatedMondayMotivator & SimplyKindTuesday

Once again I wish to share with you an email with a brief inspirational video link I received this morning. I hope the quotes within the presentation speak to YOU as they do to me.

"Dear storyteller,

One of my all time favorite quotes comes from one of my all time favorite people, Zig Ziglar. He said...

"People often tell me that motivation doesn't last, and I tell them that bathing doesn't either. That's why I recommend it daily."

That's what this beautiful, oversized coffee table book is all about...daily reinforcement to keep you positive and always moving in the right direction. What a great way to kick off 2009!

Zig Ziglar is a legend in the field of motivation and personal development. His new book Inspiration...365 Days a Year, features an inspirational quote for each day of the year and breathtaking nature photos throughout.

This collection of quotes features some from Zig himself, and many other favorites that have inspired him throughout his life. It is something that you, or anyone you give it to, will treasure.

I'm very proud to present our new movie: Inspiration...365 Days a Year, by Zig Ziglar. So sit back, turn up your speakers and click here to watch.

And, if you're inspired, don't forget to forward this email to a friend or co-worker. A little "shot of inspiration" can be a wonderful thing!

Live with Passion,
Mac Anderson
Founder, Simple Truths"

I've viewed it three times already this morning and am sure I'll return to it repeatedly ... just because I want to keep myself 'on track' in 2009.

Claudia of Everyday Kindness has made some changes ... splitting the Everyday Kindness Challenge into two parts:

1. The original challenge to perform at least one act of kindness per day continues.
2. The new challenge is 'Simply Kind Tuesdays' ... the goal of which is to increase awareness of the kindness that surrounds us.
I invite you to participate in either or both challenges as time & energy permit. Clicking on the Simply Kind and/or Everyday Kindness logos at the top and bottom of this page will take you to others participating.

Thought for Today
"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once." Calvin Coolidge


Karen said...

Inspiring words and beautiful images! (I'll bet you especially liked that giraffe silhouette!) I hadn't thought of that before (the bathing thing), but it's so true--you can only maintain the motivation by constantly stoking the fire. It all too easily burns out.

Joyce said...

Good morning, Virginia,
I really enjoy the Mac Anderson videos, too.
I very much agree with what Calvin Coolidge said in the quote you cited. Each day we can do something, though we cannot do everything at once. :)

Michelle said...

I just loved the video. Thanks for the inspiration and for putting a smile on my face today.

Mama Zen said...

I love the Ziglar quote!

On a limb with Claudia said...

love the movie! Wow, that's great, isn't it? I saw his protege speak once. He was so fascinating and amazing.

Thanks for making my day!

Meg Wolff said...

This is very synchonistic ... your blog just popped up on my screen, no idea how, but I must read. So far I love what I'm seeing because I believe so much in the power of kindness! Thank you. :-)

Meg Wolff said...

Kindness does surround us.

lisaschaos said...

Inspirational quotes daily sounds like a great idea!

Mary Ann said...

"We can't do everything at once but we can do something at once." Love that. Thanks for the quote!