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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday and BYBS #13

Really Good Things
1. This past week I've had more time to tackle projects in the real world and am gradually catching up on things in the virtual world as well. I'm enjoying my new computer more each day and have called just about everyone to let them know my cell phone number has changed as a result of getting a new phone & plan at Costco (see Smiley Saturday for details). It's been fun to reconnect with friends and relatives I've not chatted with for a while. My sister and her husband are returning to the USA by 'ferry' from Nova Scotia next Tuesday. My sister-in-law's grandchildren are visiting for another couple of weeks with their mom before returning to their home on Trinidad Island. My friend Kara has finished building a beautiful labyrinth at her home in New Mexico and emailed me a link to photos so I could enjoy it vicariously.

2. I reached some significant blogging milestones this past week. On Wednesday I reminisced on my 201st post here at Sacred Ruminations and realized I'll be posting for the 300th time at Small Reflections tomorrow. I'm pleasantly surprised both by the 'body of work' displayed on my 3 blogs and the wonderful comments visitors have left along the way. I feel truly blessed.

3. I've managed to catch up on responses to comments for all but the last two days on each of my blogs, but hopefully I'll be able to respond to the rest tomorrow. I've been keeping my unread posts in Google Reader below 300 most days and have whittled down unread emails to less than 450.

4. I enjoyed watching a bit of tennis over the weekend as the men finished up their tournament in Cincinnati and the women completed theirs in Montreal. Interestingly, after Rafa Nadal won his quarter final match (paving the way to becoming ranked #1), he lost the semi-final to Novak Djokovic (who, in turn, lost the the Championship Match today). Thus, Andy Murray has won his first 'major' and Dinara Safina won her 2nd in a row, wrapping up the US Open Series and making her eligible for a huge bonus at the US Open Tournament itself.

5. As I've reorganized my photos on my new computer, I've found and shared some on each of my blogs. Finding them in the future will be simpler with the categories I've created. I'm not finished yet, but there's an end in sight.

6. My yard is doing well. The roses are in full bloom again and so are a variety of additional flowers. Here's a small sampling.
My lemon tree is getting a new crop that should be ready in a few weeks, but the limes are ready right now. A neighbor shared some tasty peaches from his yard with me and I bought more fresh produce at a local Farmer's Market last week. This fuschia (that started itself when a basket used to hang suspended from the roof above) is blooming like crazy and the new plants have sprung up around it are blooming too. I had no idea this could happen.

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Thought for Today
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." Hans Hofmann


CyberCelt said...

Really enjoyed your post on many levels. The flowers in your yard are wonderful.

Also, you mentioned organizing your digital photos. Please share with me. I am getting swamped and have some organized by date/place, some organized by type of picture (scenic, funny, family, etc.).

Joyce said...

Your flowers are simply beautiful, Storyteller. Thank you for sharing these images. :)

Karen said...

Your garden is so lovely...it's nice to be able to enjoy them vicariously!

storyteller said...

CyberCelt – I’m delighted you enjoyed my 13th BYBS here at Sacred Ruminations. As for organizing my photos … Until recently I uploaded photos from my Casio Exilim digital camera into Photoshop Elements 3 and added ‘tags’ there, but a few months ago (after I started blogging) I experienced considerable frustration trying to locate specific pictures because they were arranged solely by date. When I started taking PSE6 class this summer and purchased a new laptop, I realized a change was in order. The system I’m using (on the advice of a friend who did something similar with her photos a while back) is to create specific categories inside of yearly folders and move the photos w/o changing their names because I don’t want to change the sequence ( if that makes any sense). I hope that helps. Thus far, it’s working for me.

Joyce and Karen
I’m delighted you enjoyed my flowers vicariously. I feel so blessed that they grow and bloom with minimal care from me. I’ve been thinking I might do a little planting in ‘bare areas’ before my PSE6 classes begin again … but finding time remains an on-going challenge. After finally catching up on responding to week-old comments at Small Reflections yesterday, this morning I’ve determined I’m going to finish responding to comments here before I visit other blogs … just because I enjoy doing so.
Hugs and blessings to all of you,