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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning Musings: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's almost 9am and I plan to call a friend soon, but I'd like to share a bit of what's been going on in MY mind over the past few days since I last shared 'Morning Musings' on this blog. Any of the images can be clicked to 'embiggen' ... but here are a few 'highlights' off the top of my head ... just because.

1. My sister's back in the USA ... called on Sunday to let me know ... and to share that my oldest nephew is headed for a job in Singapore with his family right now. Guess I missed my 'window' to visit while they were in Southern California and that reminds me the value of making plans rather than just letting opportunities arise. Methinks it's about BALANCE, right? Right!

2. Hopefully my sleep cycle has corrected itself again ... finally. I've been waking around 2am but managed to stay in bed until 4:10 today. I'm looking forward to another Concert in the Park this evening ... this one in Costa Mesa. That's what this morning's phone call will be about. I plan to connect with a friend who lives close to the park over there to see what she knows about parking and how early we might need to arrive.

3. Although Molly misses Jenke and goes over there often to 'check' for her playmate, she's had opportunities to play with other dogs over the past few days ... and I'm reminded how when one door closes, others open. I want to hold on to this thought and tell myself that clearing 'clutter' is making room for new possibilities ;--)

4. Serendipity is a wonderful thing ... and morning emails have me in an intriguing mental space ... considering possibilities I've not thought about for a long time, if ever.

5. This morning's skies were utterly amazing! I'll share more soon, but here is two views ... just because.

Click to embiggen for better viewing ...
If I didn't KNOW better, I'd swear there are MOUNTAINS directly to the southeast in these photos. Do you see them too?

6. This morning I watched a brief video from Simple Truths entitled Finding Joy. If you have time, I commend it to all. It begins with this quote,
"Life can be complicated, but ...
Happiness is really pretty simple."
and certainly 'resonated' with ME this morning ;--)

7. So ... below are photographs of the pages I've written recently. Sorry the images are darker than usual. If time permits, I'll fix that later, but right now I need to post this and make that call then get to the grocery store ... so I'll be visiting later today. Hope you have a delightful day!

Morning Musings ...
my journal musings
photographed this morning as
I came indoors to

share some 'random thoughts'
on this Tuesday morning and
check in with a friend
Click for others sharing Random Tuesday Thoughts

Thought for Today
"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."
Norman Vincent Peale


Ally Wasmund said...

Nice thoughts! And very cool pictures! Yes, I did see the 'mountains' too. Sweet!

Stopping over from UnMom's. Have a great day!

Euroangel said...

you seems to read a lot and truly enjoy the time...nice pix...stay happy and healthy always!

Laufa said...

Great pictures, I love how in your journal you wrote in swirls, they are beautiful. Love your artistic ability!
Wow, your the second one today that mentioned door closing...
Have a great day and I enjoyed your randomness.

Inday said...

Sigh ...my time had been pretty tight in the last two days, so am trying to re-organize my cluttered thoughts. I'm impressed with your systematic flow of your train of thoughts.

Unknown said...

I love the mountains in the clouds ~ if you did not say so I would have thought that they were real!

I found the pictures of your journals to be inspiring! I particularly loved the lines that started on one of the blank page swirls "Are we not Wise Woman?"

Brilliant! I hope that your concert tonight is beautiful!

Raven said...

Wonderful random thoughts. I loved the pics too, I can see mountains in them, that's pretty cool. I love how you write in your journal, that is awesome, I keep a journal too so I might have to steal that from you, if you don't mind.

Have a wonderful day,