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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did the last week go?

Herein are my Morning Musings

1. A friend called late yesterday afternoon to ask how my week and weekend went ... and it took me a while to remember all that I did over the last seven days. Then I jabbered for several minutes filling him in before I stopped to reflect on how busy life's been lately with several activities each day taking me away from home and the computer. I'm not complaining because it's all been good ... but I do feel a bit rushed all the time lately ... with no end in sight for another month, so blogging may be taking a back seat for a while because Molly will NOT be ignored indefinitely.

2. Remember the loaf of Jalapeño Cheese bread with no jalapeños from last Wednesday's post at Small Reflections? I'm hoping to remember to take it to the Street Fair Downtown tonight to exchange it for one WITH jalapeños!

3. I usually pay bills electronically, but Monday morning I wrote checks for Health Care premiums: $552.50 for 5 months of Medicare (February through June) ... $328 to Anthem Blue Cross Senior Services (for the months of March & April) ... and $37.60 for one month of my AARP United Heath Care Prescription Drug plan.
I also filled out and included the requisite paperwork to make these payments be automatic electronic transactions eventually, but am told it could take up to six months for that to happen so I guess I need to order some checks because I only have a few left.

4. I dropped the payments off at the Post Office downtown on the way to Sunset Beach
around 10:30 yesterday where I shared a vegetarian omelet with hashed browns and sour dough bread at the Harbor House with my sister

as I visited with her husband, and another couple. On the way home ran some errands and shopped for groceries. Once I put those away, I finished two loads of laundry, put clean sheets on the bed, worked in the garden, walked Molly and visited with some neighbors ... afterward I was tired because I'd been up since 3am.

5. In the evening I managed to create & publish a post at Small Reflections ... Ruby Tuesday Flowers in My Outdoor World ... the first one there since LAST Monday and that led me to the title of this post ... but I was too tired to think straight, so I left it for morning and watched the Michael Buble concert I recorded on PBS a while back before turning in for the night.

6. It's going to be another busy week. After this morning's class I've got a dentist appointment because I lost a filling recently. After Thursday's class I'm headed for the Laguna Beach Playhouse with friends for lunch followed by a play in the afternoon. Friday I'm spending with my sister ... so that leaves Wednesday as my only free day (except for the weekly call from Vinnie in India from Dell Tech Support).

7. I don't know when I'll have time to play with my new toy (see #3 of Sunday's post below if you missed it) ... but I do like it and so far all the software I've loaded seems to work just fine in Windows 7.

8. Oh my ... I just turned on the television and heard there was a 4.4 earthquake at 4:04am centered in Pico Rivera ... about 30 miles north of here. I didn't feel anything but I did sleep well last night, awakening around 5:30am. Hope it's a 'stress release' rather than a precursor to something bigger on the horizon.

9. I have several amaryllis plants in my yard and two are ready to burst forth very soon ... just a bit too early for Easter ;-)

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Hope you're each having a delightful day!

Thought for Today
""Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, fresh with wonder." Joseph Cornell


I am Harriet said...

6 months? That's nuts!

Happy RTT!

George said...

All of my weeks seem to be like this! I hope the earthquake is the only one you have in that area.

♥ Kathy said...

We bought bread that was expired. I realized it when I opened it up and it was rock hard. I meant to take it back to the store but the birds ended up with it :) Happy RTT!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I do enjoy reading about your goings on...we have several jobs and are incrediblly busy, but it's s good thing. If I had my choice between being bored with no direction in life, or being really rushed, I'd take the rushed every time.. It makes life so much more interesting, squeezing in every moment. My mouth is watering over your beach breakfast, everything white, my favorite!! I've never seen an amarylis bloom, strange looking, kind of like an old fashioned hat! I have so much enjoyed your post today, my wish for you is wonderful health and sunny days to enjoy all your adventures.

Karen said...

Wow--you ARE busy!! But it sounds like a good kind of busy, so enjoy! Lovely shots!

Caterina Giglio said...

wow, a 4.4 ! glad it wasn't more serious! and your amaryllis looks awesome!

Anonymous said...


Melissa B. said...

I didn't know one could plant amyrillis bulbs right in the ground. You must not get a hard freeze, huh? I'm looking forward to all the blooming that will be going on around here in a couple of weeks, for sure!

Kelly Miller said...

The jalapeno bread minus jalapenos still looks tasty!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Of course I had to pop by again to see the food picture-yum!! I will be interested to read about the jalepenio bread exchange, and how a loaf could possibly have none!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's too funny that the jalapeno bread had no jalapeno's!

And now I'm hungry.


Joyce said...

Hello, Friend,
You DO sound extremely busy, but that's good!
My, that food looks delicious! We are all big fans of a tasty omelet. I think I want to make some hash browns with peppers and onions like that you pictured. Do I see fresh tomatoes in that also?
Have a good, busy remainder of the week. :)

Barb said...

You ARE busy! With all that activity, you should be sleeping well - instead of waking in the early-hours. Now that you've handled the Medicare business, I hope you don't have to use it!

Alice Audrey said...

Yep. You've been busy.