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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm back from Taos, New Mexico ...

... transitioning gradually from the space of 'retreat' to that of 'real life' ... filled with gratitude for the many blessings of this journey ... Just for the JOY of it!!!

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This morning I'm grateful for ...
1. 'lessons' learned during my week at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House & Conference Center
2. pieces of writing I generated during the past two weeks and intend to share eventually
3. rich encounters with lovely women & writers while there (in addition to those I met along the way to and from New Mexico)
4. delicious Santa Fe meals prepared by the talented 'staff' at MDL
5. the beauty of nearby Henningsen Gardens as lovely in 2010 as it was in 2007
6. the resonant energy of Taos & MDL still in my heart, mind & body
7. gaining some clarity & focus for writing I intend to do & share in the days, weeks, and months ahead
8. a myriad of supportive resources to explore & put to use
9. discovering the El Rey Inn in Santa Fe ... a 'destination' for many vacationers from all over the USA
10. literally HUNDREDS of photos to cull, label, organize and share!
11. discovering the Dance of Shiva ... learning how it allows our brains to dissolve old & create new patterns of thinking
12. the company of Molly & Ms Kitty here by the beach in Southern California
13. a ready willingness for whatever comes next ...
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Thursday Thirteen and Just for the JOY of it!

For those who may be interested in a bit more info, I've updated my Gratitude List in the sidebar of Small Reflections and will share more soon (both here, there, and a Happily Retired Gal)

Early morning view
of the Taos 'classroom' where
we met for a week

Gradually sky
brightens as the sun rises
beautiful clear day!

Click the photo below twice
because the white circle is the full moon
and the dark spots are large ravens in flight ...

Click images to embiggen for better viewing and for
others participating in
Sky Watch & Haiku Friday

Thought for Today
"I love the sweet smell of dawn -- our unique daily opportunity to smell time, to smell opportunity -- each morning being, a new beginning." Terri Guillemets


Janet said...

I've always wanted to visit Taos!

Mia Celeste said...

Isn't it great to get your ideas on paper to work with? Cool.

Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a good trip.

Mike Golch said...

I really enjoy visiting with you,your Photos are a treasure to view.I am sorry that I do not comment as often as I should.Hugs my friend.

Caterina Giglio said...

which conference did you take? there was one with Sas Colby when I was there last month...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Welcome back -- nice to see you pop up on my Reader! Trust you had a great time.

Jim said...

Good shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mary said...

Looks like the beginning of a great day.

Unknown said...

Great list. It sounds like your time away was good for you.
Happy Belated T13!

Divaa Divine said...

your trip seems successful and i m looking forward to something like this at least once in life :(


Karen said...

Sigh...it was wonderful, wasn't it? And I can't believe it--I forgot to go to the garden!!!!

Kara said...

sigh...to ditto Karen.....just leaving you some love...enjoying the gradual brightening of the sky!

Jeannette StG said...

That's a long list - you seem busy!