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Saturday, February 9, 2008

A 2nd Belated Friday Haiku - On Change

Volume #12

Once again I'm late
writing this Haiku today.
Thinking here of change

how we dare to dream
following these visions with
action can feel strange.

Habits hard to break,
I must substitute a new
option for the old

choosing daily 'til
well established pathways and
mental patterns shift.

Starting where I am
taking one step at a time
gradually change

an adventure brings
joy unlooked for ... what delight!
Rather than a curse

or a burden, choice
brings new ways of seeing and
believing. Success

happens all the time
when I notice little things.
I am good enough

as I am right now!
My desire points the way,
yet it's not the goal

but the journey I
focus on these days because
life is much too short

to berate myself
or blame others foolishly.
Everything's a choice.

Seems a harmless choice, and yet
all I have is now

I don't choose to waste
precious moments any more!
"If not now, then when?"

My new mantra is
helping me to embrace change
rather than resist.

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Thought for Today

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." ~~ Aristotle


NicciN said...

This is so beautiful and resonates with me too. Thanks!

Momisodes said...

A day late but so worth the wait.I loved this Haiku...I'm sure it resonates with many of us as readers.

I loved this" Procrastination?
Seems a harmless choice, and yet
all I have is now"...well said :)

HAve a wonderful Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had such a mantra. I'm am the procrastinator that cannot get motivated to break the cycle.

Anonymous said...

a great Ku, very well written :)

Motivation is something I can't seem to find much of at the moment! I'm sure it'll come back to me soon though, maybe when the lil one stars sleeping through!

Eve said...

Great Haiku - great message.

storyteller said...

Yertle – Thank you so much … and, of course, you’re welcome :-)

Sandy – I am having a wonderful Saturday, thanks so much! Procrastination is one of the habits I’m doing my best to shake. I’ve always worked better to external deadlines, but want to follow through on my inner goals with similar effort and determination.

AFF – I can relate. Have been there, done that ad nauseum. I’ve decided it’s time for a change … and I’m sticking to it as long as it takes.

Marylin – Thanks. Seems like you have your hands full for the time being.

Eve – I appreciate your kind feedback. It’s me … doing my best to motivate me, but knowing others “relate” helps keep me “on track” too!

Thanks to all of you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.
Hugs and blessings,

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I always love your Haiku Fridays (or Saturdays!) -- and what a great topic for this one!

Karen said...

"My desire points the way,/yet it's not the goal/but the journey I/focus on these days"--yes,yes, YES!! It's so wonderful to have the motivating desire, BUT, it cannot be the point! I'm really struggling with this right now--and your words beautifully capture what I need to work on!

storyteller said...

MPJ – Thanks. I love writing in this simple form, and I find using it to explore subjects can be helpfully revealing. Visiting you and others to see weekly Haiku pieces is fun as well.

Karen – You and me both. My mind knows the only constant is change, and my heart wants to embrace this truth joyfully, but my habits (no doubt based on unexamined fears and reinforced through long practice) … my habits are oh so stubbornly resistant to this idea. I’m happy you found my words helpful and reassured that I’m in good company with my struggles.

I hope you’re both having a wonderful week. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I’m behind already, but I’m trying to relax and let myself catch-up without undue stress while reminding myself I’ve enjoyed good times in the real world lately (which is a good thing).
Hugs and blessings,