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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Motivator - Prayer for Achievement

In ILLUMINATA Marianne Williamson
writes about Achievement in a chapter entitled
"Prayers for Work and Creativity"

"Many times, we are held back by a sense that we are simply not good enough, talented enough or smart enough to do what we want to do. We pray for God to free us from the internal chains that bind us. Self-confidence stems from confidence in Him. It is not we alone who do the work. The work is done by Him who is within us."

then she offers the following prayer
that I've found helpful.

"Dear God,
I feel that my life is less than it should be.
I cannot find my freedom or my passion.
I have so much inside me that stays shut down, that isn't free.
I hurt so much to know I am not living at full force.
My talents are not used as I wish.
My abilities are not fully formed.
My energies are so suppressed.

Dear Lord, I do not know how to break free of
the ways I constantly negate myself.
I hold myself prisoner somehow.
I know I do.
I know it is my own illusion,
this prison in which I live,
yet I cannot break free, though I try so hard.

Please, dear God, break down the walls that surround me.
Melt this prison.
Free my soul that I might be as You would have me be:
Free to live,
To soar,
To create,
To love,
To feel passion for good,
To do the good with passion.
I wish to fly.
I wish to feel Your full abundant spirit in me.
Give me this miracle.
Thank You.

Note of explanation: Lest you've visited in the last 2 days and wonder how you missed this, I'm chagrined to admit that somehow I created it on Monday (after visiting Yertle's blog and realizing I'd forgotten to do it at Small Reflections), but neglected to publish it (sigh) ... and only just discovered the error this morning when logging on to create my Wellness Wednesday post (on time mind you even though I've been following up on Wordless Wednesday at Small Reflections all morning). I guess it's always something ... and I forgive myself!


Unknown said...

The kitty - hahah S/he made me smile and the prayer...wow. Warm and fuzzies. Thx for sharing and thx for visiting. Also, I tagged you for a game. Come by when you can. http://rnning2wn2.blogspot.com/2008/02/quirky-and-middle-name-memes.html

storyteller said...

Chuck – Thanks for returning the visit. I’m glad you enjoyed the kitty graphic and the prayer. I’ll check out the tag in a little while, but I’m emptying my email box now and need to finish and publish my Wellness Wednesday post so it’s not late like last week. LOL

My Wordless Wednesday post is at Small Reflections but as I type that, I think I mentioned that in my comment on your blog earlier.
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

I've got a really great cartoon that I'm thinking about scanning in and posting (probably illegal, though--that's what is stopping me)--the gist is this--a woman about to step joyfully off a diving board, but then becomes self-conscious, and with each panel, hides herself more and more thinking everyone is watching, everyone is judging. Then she begins thinking, what if no one IS looking, what if no one cares--and all the time she's opening herself back up until the last panel when she takes a flying leap off the board, happily free again. It's very simple, black and white, simple drawings--but so utterly powerful.

We must, must, MUST stop holding ourselves back, stop cowering in fear. The odds actually are against anyone else watching and caring what we do--but even so--so what? Leap! Fly! Dance!

We MUST stop

storyteller said...

Karen – Oh that sounds perfect! I’d love to see the cartoon, but I understand your concerns for copyright laws and all. It’s hard to know what’s okay and what isn’t in this virtual world. I try to acknowledge the source whenever possible … but it’s not always possible.

You’re so right! We must stop holding ourselves back … and I’m working on (playing with?) changing my language as a beginning because I know from personal experience that thoughts are real things that produce tangible results! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here … extending and validating my own perceptions.
Hugs and blessings,