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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday - Seven Really Good Things

Seven Really Good Things

1. Long walks along the ocean with Molly at my side on sunny Spring days ... stopping to watch dolphins frolic in the surf and pelicans dive for (& catch) fish ... visiting with others enjoying the day on the boardwalk.

2. Discovering a new site called One Single Impression ... with a weekly 'prompt' ... a host of bloggers who love Haiku as much as I do ... and it's predecessor One Deep Breath. I enjoyed posting here yesterday using the 1st prompt ... 'Change' ... and look forward to creating something for this week on the topic of 'Kindness' ... but even more enjoyable is reading what everyone else shares on their blogs throughout the week.

3. Enjoying the Spring flowers in my front yard as the irises, azaleas, fuschias, impatiens, pansies, Johnny jump ups, allyssum, and other bulbs colorfully burst onto the scene and my roses come back ... developing new buds. Even my struggling hydrangea looks as if it might survive in the unexpected shade of the ever expanding lime tree. You can see a sampling here.

4. Good reads to hold in my hand and turn the pages ... savoring the words. This weekend it's a Dean Koontz story about a woman who 'rescues retrievers' and the man in her life who needs to rescue his 'daughter' ...(and thereby himself).

5. Anticipation of meeting up with my 'colleagues & friends' at our monthly 'Retired Gals Lunch' tomorrow at 11:30 to catch up and share.

6. Receiving 'Awards and Bling' from the friends in the 'virtual world' and sharing it with more Blogging Buddies. Check Saturday's post at Small Reflections for distribution and 'link-love' because there just might be something especially for you.

7. Sharing this special 'friendship award' with all those who pause to read and comment to this post ... because I love to know you're out there ;--)

Thought for Today
"The worst prison would be a closed heart." Pope John Paul II


Momisodes said...

I really enjoyed your "change" post! I will have to check out this new site. Your walks with Molly sound splendid, it's no wonder you take her often :)

And that award is just adorable! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Eve said...

I want to join you and Molly along the seaside tomorrow. My body and soul both need a bit of sunshine and frolic.

storyteller said...

Sandy – Why thank you for the positive feedback about my ‘Change’ post! Mine was certainly more than a ‘single’ impression … and when I do the next prompt, I’ll try to focus … but my mind doth run wild when I write Haiku … and I end up telling stories ;--)

Yez … Molly and I certainly have a lovely view when we walk. She likes it best when we go all the way to Dog Beach … but I avoid that on weekends because there are too many dogs there. We do that mid-week.

Eve – We’d both enjoy the company … and I certainly hope the icy snow melts away soon where you live so that you can have a similar walk of your own.

Thanks to both of you for stopping by this evening. It’s time for me to turn off this computer and pick up my book!
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

I'm trying to type in a comment here, and all I can think is, "Dophins? She gets to see dolphins? On a regular basis?"

I think it's time for another visit to the ocean--though it'll have to be the Atlantic. (Though Mark is actually flying to California this morning for work--alas, no weeklong babysitter, so I won't be joining him.)

Enjoy yourself, Storyteller--those truly are seven good things!

storyteller said...

Karen – Yup … I do get to see dolphins most days … seals sometimes too (especially when I leave Molly at home and walk out on the pier) … and I do know how special this is. Sometimes I take my journal (and my binocs) and sit with my morning coffee (or bottle of water) … watching for whatever comes in view … writing whatever comes to mind … remembering how blessed I am to live right here. My sister has been hoping to see manatees in Florida, but apparently it’s been warm enough that the critters haven’t moved South as they usually do. She has done considerable bird watching however. I’m sorry you didn’t get to join Mark in California and hope you and Nathan enjoy the week at home.
Hugs and blessings,

Joyce said...

Thank you, Storyteller, for the link to One Single Impression. Like you, I LOVE haiku. Once a week isn't enough! :P

It was a joy to see pictures of Molly and your kitty. Thank you. :)

Greatfullivin said...

These are 7 really great things. Your flowers are beautiful! I am longing for spring. I would love to sit with you in your blue chairs and sip lemonade.....hurry spring!

storyteller said...

Joyce – You’re welcome! I’m happy to introduce you to this new blog where folks share haiku and other types of poetry.

Greatfullivin – I’m happy you meandered by today … and I’m hoping Spring arrives in your part of the Midwest soon ;--)

I hope you’re both having a wonderful week!
Hugs and blessings,