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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blog Your Blessings on Sunday #2

and Sacred Life Sunday
Appreciating & Extending Personal Creativity

Combining BYBS with Sacred Life Sunday last week was an 'experiment' that seemed to work well ... so I'm doing it again today.
I enjoyed visiting others who 'Blog Blessings on Sunday' last week, and look forward to repeating that this week. I appreciate the warm welcome of the BYBS participants who visited here at Sacred Ruminations and left generous comments after my first effort to share.

I'm posting a bit later in the day than I did last week ... mainly because I wanted to 'catch up' with One Single Impression posts from Week 9 before reading the prompt for Week 10 and considering what I might contribute. In addition, I participate in Camera Critters and Unconscious Mutterings on Sundays on my other blog ... and those visits took time today too. Finally, Molly is not a pooch to be ignored so naturally we've engaged in 'play time' and taken a couple of walks already.

It's been about 6 months since I started blogging, and last Wednesday, I reached my 200th post at Small Reflections. In preparing that 'milestone' post, I spent some time revisiting pieces I'd published previously on each of my blogs, and highlighted a few with links to share.

Many of the comments visitors left for me there touched my heart and felt like gifts to my spirit ... and mirror comments left for me on this blog. For those who may be 'new' here, I'm a 63 year old 'happily retired' educator with lots of 'discretionary' time. Many visitors marvel that I can keep up with two blogs. The simple fact is that I've made blogging a priority and devote considerable time to this 'virtual' world activity. It is as simple as that!

I realize my inner critic seldom gives me credit for being creative and I'd like to change that. Perhaps with continued feedback on my blogs I'll learn to be kinder to myself and more appreciative of what I generate. So ... today I'm grateful for a growing awareness of and appreciation for my 'creative talents' and skills which permit me to publish items of interest in this 'virtual' world ... and I'm reminded of a passage I'd like to share with all who pass this way ... so please read on.

* * * * * * *

For those who participate in Sacred Life Sunday
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Daily Meditation from
Keepers of the Wisdom
Reflections from Lives Well Lived
by Karen Casey

"Many people think they can't paint, but I think everyone has artistic ability of some kind." Eva Wines

"Many of us probably don't agree with Eva, particularly if we haven't tried to paint or weave or write or throw pots. We mistakenly think that others have talent, never ourselves, but that's because we misunderstand what talent means. Talent is really just an inclination; it develops from a desire to pursue some activity that we then proceed to cultivate with a passion. It's not mysterious. It doesn't just happen. We persevere because we feel good when involved in the activity. When we define talent this way, we realize how right Eva is. It's just that many of us haven't followed our passion yet.

One thing we all have plenty of in this later stage of life is time. While raising children or working, we seldom allowed ourselves much time off to explore the more playful side of our nature. But time is what we have most of now, and we are free to use it as wisely or as frivolously as we choose. Coming to understand that we do, indeed, have talent, that it has simply lain dormant until now, is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of our lives presently. If we haven't yet realized this, dare to believe it now. it will change every minute of the rest of your life."

"Today is a good day to pursue one of my dreams."

* * * * *

In closing today, it's clear to me that I've been 'pursuing one of my dreams' as I've created these blogs. I'm no longer the 'closet writer' I used to be and for this I'm exceedingly grateful. In a comment today at Small Reflections, Karen asked if I'd considered writing 'fiction' ... and I responded something to the effect that writing in 3rd person isn't my forte. Perhaps it's time for me to 'challenge' that belief and experiment playfully with the possibility ... just as I've done with my blogging ... and see what happens. Thank you Karen! I'll let you know what happens.

Thought for Today
"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination." William Arthur Ward


Mike Golch said...

Storyteller,thank you for this posting.Hugs your way.

Susan Demeter said...

Great post Storyteller, and I wish for you a goodly week ahead!

Joyce said...

I would also be interested in your memoir-type writings, if you are so inclined. :)

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

While I don't participate (formally) in Blog Your Blessings, my entire blog is devoted to the many blessings that surround me.

Karen said...

I've been giving a lot of thought to your response to my comment (on
Small Reflections)--and there must be some way around the confidentiality thing. I mean, ALL writers take from real life, ALL! And what about memoirists (is that a word?) who admittedly write about their lives (which include other peoples' lives)?

With fiction--you don't have to write in third! First or second could be fun, too. And here's something you might want to consider, too--there may be a specific event or person that you want to write about, something or someone who occurred in real life. Well, when you sit down to write that, and you let go, and just write, there's no telling where you may end up. You may (and probably will) end up with something totally different than what you envisioned--something completely unrecognizable to the people you know. That's the beauty of fiction--it's our take on the world (which is unique), and also, we can change it to be anything we want.

My advice would be this--take an idea that interests you and start writing. Write it in the point of view that feels right to you. Write it without thinking about any consequences. Write it as though no one on earth will ever read it. Completely lose yourself in it, allowing it to be what it is.

Then see where you are.

But don't let those other fears stop you--that's resistance talking. If it interests you, then do it!

Nice post, by the way!

storyteller said...

Mike – You’re a sweetie! Thanks so much for your continued support of my blogging.

Sue – Thanks … and may you feel better with each passing day ;--)

Joyce – A memoir seems to be what ‘calls’ … and if I could bring myself to LOOK at all those journals from the past three and a half decades, I suspect I’m well on my way to one or more … if I was willing to put ‘stuph’ out there … and maybe I will. It's hard for me to believe anyone would be interested in 'my life' but I did share journal entries from 1999 a while back on THIS blog and the world didn’t end. LOL

David – G’day back acha and thanks for the ‘howdy’ here. I’ll try to visit your blog sometime soon and see what’s there.

Karen – Thanks so much for all you’ve suggested. I fell asleep thinking of your question, my response, and this post last night … and awakened this morning excited by the possibilities of what might emerge if I allowed myself to BE a ‘storyteller’ in this manner. I had MANY ideas for this morning's Fun Monday topic and the piece about my brother wrote itself. Of course it’s resistance! Why didn’t I see that myself? I’d tell a student the same thing wouldn’t I … but how blinded we can be when it comes to our own process. I appreciate everything … and may just begin today. There’s no time like the present, right? Right!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts here. Hope you’re having a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

SandyCarlson said...

Great post, friend. You deserve the warm words you receive. You are a blessing yourself. God bless.

His Girl Friday said...

I like that 'today is a good day to pursue one of my dreams'...helps to keep things with purpose, and in perspective. :)

storyteller said...

Sandy – What a lovely comment to share. Thank you so much for your supportive encouragement and friendship. I feel blessed indeed ;--)

His Girl Friday – Yes it does, and we can all use a bit of help with that can’t we? It’s about ‘baby steps’ in the direction we choose … slow & steady progress moving us toward ‘realization’ of our dreams.

I appreciate both of you visiting and sharing your thoughts. Finding your comments this morning reminds ME to keep my ‘focus’ today. I hope you’re each having a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,

Whatever said...

As far as confidence goes, for the longest time I thought I was a bad writer; but then I tried and realized that I'm actually a very bad writer.

For another long period I was alone in my sorrow. Then one day I realized that the web allowed me to "share" it with others.

Think Vogon poetry.

I've been happily writing ever since :-)

storyteller said...

Whatever – (chuckling as I try to type with fumbling fingers) … Hopes, self-doubt and ‘reality’ coincide! Yez … this ‘virtual world’ does provide an ‘audience’ for ‘pointless pontifications’ … supporting our ‘illusions’ … at least for a while. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been so busy I’ve had little time for blog visits, but am hoping to catch up today (and/or over the weekend).
Hugs and blessings,