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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My One Single Impression Directory

of My OSI Posts

Week 22: Faces at SacredRuminations and Small Reflections

Week 21: Rest
Collage: Cuties at Rest (at Sacred Ruminations)
Recovering after Taos (at Small Reflections)

Weeks 18-20: (under construction & hopefully published soon)

Week: 17 Melody

Week 16: Transience or Permanence

Week 15: Pets - One of a kind, Charly

Week 14: Freedom

Week 13: Reflection
of Taos & Blogging
(at Sacred Ruminations)
of One Single Impression Prompts (at Small Reflections)

Week 12: Bleeding
Review of THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant

Week 11: Warm
Sunsets (at Sacred Ruminations)
Puppies (at Small Reflections)

Week 10: Deserted

Week 9: - Flowering
My Garden at Sacred Ruminations)
Personal Growth and Blossoming (at Small Reflections)

Week 8: Color
Images of the Mind Revealed (at Sacred Ruminations)
Comeback of my Apricot Rose at (Small Reflections)

Week 7: Glory/Glorious
Sunrise (at Sacred Ruminations)
Glory (the film at Small Reflections)

Week 6: Stranded
In a Hurricane (at Sacred Ruminations)
Polar Bears (at Small Reflections)

Week 5: Laughter
April Fools' Day

Week 4: Spring -
A Colorful Offering from my Garden (at Sacred Ruminations)
Tennis Leaps (at Small Reflections)

Week 3: Circles - Easter Sunday (at Sacred Ruminations)

Week 2: Kindness

Week 1: Change - Introducing Molly & Ms. Kitty Coping with Change


Anonymous said...

nice posting.Oh by the way I've moved to a new site. it is now mjgolch.wordpress.com

storyteller said...

Mike - Thanks ... I'll check it out when time permits. I'll be interested to know if you like it better than Blogger. Are you paying for the Wordpress site or using the free version?
Hugs and blessings,