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Friday, May 9, 2008

HF #38 - Poetic Trio in a Single Post

Thanks to Scylla at Law & Motherhood for this cool Haiku button

Earlier I shared
thoughts in 37th
of Haiku

focused on thinking
and a T-13 posting
at Small Reflections.

Now I offer these
'haiku' responses to two
photographic prompts.

~ ~ ~ ~

Theme for ...
Week 2 - Clouded View

Robin writes: "From my earliest memory I was fascinated with clouds--vaguely recalling my first flight around age seven, I wanted to "catch" some white puffies and keep them in my shiny, new, black patent leather pocketbook bought especially for the trip. Eventually I settled for cotton candy. Do you "see" anything in these cumulus formations? Are you lost in rumination on cloudy days? Are you compelled to write poetry? Whether a simple title for the photo or a 40-syllable soliloquy, you have 40 words or less to share your response to this photo taken somewhere over the Caribbean on our 20th Anniversary trip in October. Have fun--don't over-think it!"

My entry appears beneath the photo.
Can you see her stand
wearing a wide-brimmed hat while

waving at her 'fans'?

Watching the parade
floating across azure skies ...
lying on the grass

laughing with my friends
who imaginatively see
differently than me ...

~ ~ ~

Click for other participants in
Pensieve's Friday40PC
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Visit Laura Salas for details.

stormy weather's passed
ship-wrecked survivors await
hoping for rescue

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Thought for Today
"Poetry is what gets lost in translation." Robert Frost


Momisodes said...

Those photos are truly stunning. I love what you captured in haiku for both. Especially the shipwreck and your haiku was so moving.

Hope you're having a lovely FRiday.

Joyce said...

I see the waving lady!

I loved cloud-watching as a child in Phoenix. The clouds were phenomenal, and quick-changing. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there is often simply a cloudy "layer" obscuring all blue from vision.

Another strange "atmospheric" thing is that we rarely see many stars. I wonder if that has to do with our latitude, and the angle that the starlight is at as it passes through the atmosphere?

Karen said...

I love your responses to these photos, Storyteller! The haikus complement the beauty of the pics.

Anonymous said...

I saw the waving lady too but I thought she looked like the Queen with a tiara and her hair fluffing out!

I loved the shipwreck poem

Kim said...

Your 40PC#2 is great this week! I saw a lady too! But I didn't write about it. Oh well. Come on over to see mine.

storyteller said...

Sandy – Thanks for stopping by. As with last week’s poetry challenges, the photos are 'prompts’ from Robin and Laura … but the haiku responses are mine. I did have a lovely Friday and a delightful morning at the annual Sunset Beach Mother’s Day Craft Fair … and now I’m taking a ‘cool down’ break before taking Molly for a walk.

Joyce – I gazed at clouds (and stars) as a kid … and still do it now when time permits. I’m sorry the conditions in your area don’t allow for either. I’m glad you saw the waving lady too ;--)

Karen – Thanks … I did them rather hurriedly yesterday morning, but in reviewing them a few minutes ago I’m pleased with them as well.

Marmiteandtea – Now that you mention it, I can see that too.

Kim – Thanks … I’ll look forward to seeing what YOU wrote when I visit a bit later.

I’m delighted to find your comments here and will be visiting blogs in a little while, but Molly needs a walk … so I’m headed outside again for an hour or so. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Mike Golch said...

Storyteller,what a great posting.
I just love visiting here you are such a positive person I need to visit you more often.even on days that I donot feel like commenting.
It is explained on my site.

storyteller said...

Mike – Thanks so much for this lovely compliment. I’m delighted you enjoy visiting my blogs … and I do choose to be ‘positive’ (even when facing adversity) because I’ve learned things just work out better when I’m open to unexpectedly pleasant outcomes ;--)
Hope you’re having a good day!
Hugs and blessings,

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Wow, you did both them all in one post!!! How lovely!

dawn224 said...

I love these - photos and the 'kus!

Eve said...

Very nice, as always.

Anonymous said...

Nice job of multi-tasking!

There's little doubt you have a poet's heart--and I love your interpretation of the 40PC photograph! Once you wrote it, I could see something new :).

Perfect submission for Laura's "15 Words"...those are so fun (and FAST) to do!


Thanks for joining in (and I'm sorry I was soooooo late posting!)

Lifeless in Ohio said...

I remember spending many afternoons as a child watching the clouds move across the sky. I had so much fun finding a shape of something. Such simplier happy times. I wonder if kids take the time to watch clouds today.

storyteller said...

Mariposa – I do love to ‘multi-task’ … especially since I don’t publish more than once a day. Recalling your blog, it seems to me you do something similar ;--)

Dawn224 – Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed them ;--)

Eve – You’re sweet to say so. I hope you’re feeling better and am happy you were able to visit.

Robin – Don’t worry about being ‘late’ because that happens to all of us from time to time. I had fun with these photos, and sincerely apologize for not getting around to the Clerihew for Poetic License but there just didn’t seem to be enough time for everything in my life either. I’m delighted I saw and showed you something new! As for Laura’s 15 Words … haiku was a perfect option for me!

Cricket – I’m sure some kids do … especially when invited and/or encouraged to do so by those of us who do remember the fun in simpler pastimes. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

I appreciate everyone’s comments and hope you’ve all had a marvelous Monday.
Hugs and blessings,