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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Medley of Happy Things 'n Stuph

I'm multi-tasking again today with

Thanks to Scylla at Law & Motherhood for this cool Haiku button

HF #50 ... OSI Week 17 ... 40PC ... plus Things 'n Stuph

Running late ... feeling
quite relieved today because
my Dell's on it's way

and could arrive soon
(although later than promised).
Earlier I shared

ups & downs reading
two emails received from Dell ...
HF 51.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Week 17 prompt is Melody


Happy Music fills
my mind as I patiently
wait delivery.

DHL Express
has my Dell laptop and could
bring it here today

or tomorrow ... so
as I'm watching Wimbledon
and typing this post

my attention is
also focused on the street
watching for their truck ;--)

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of Week 9's 40PC prompt, Robin writes:


"This week's Friday's 40-or-less Photo Challenge is simple but with the potential for great fun.

Salt and pepper shakers.

Taken for granted and nothing trendy or glamorous about 'em, salt and pepper make THE difference in everything they season. While I've never known either to be the "secret ingredient" in a recipe, leave one or both out, and even if you can't put your finger on it, you KNOW something's missing."


Salt & pepper bring
me thoughts of two special friends
living here with me.

Can you guess who I
have in mind as you read these
words upon the page?

Ms. Kitty is one
and the other is Molly.
Spicy fur-critters!

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It's day 5 at Wimbledon and the weather's been wonderful, however today they had their first 'rain delay' ... but play resumed after about 90 minutes or so. I'm watching Federer playing Gicquel on Center Court at the moment ... about 5 hours behind schedule with the other matches recorded on DVR, so as I await delivery of my new laptop ... I'll be watching tennis and visiting blogs after I take Molly for a walk. She's been very patient with me this morning.

Thought for Today

"The map is not the territory." Alfred Korzybski


Anonymous said...

Hi,It looks like you are haveing a great day to day.

I just stopped by to say Hi,Big time Hugs and God's blessings comming to your house from my house.
That's my story and you can bet I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

OH, my, OF COURSE you thought of your babies! What a perfect parallel to salt and pepper. And you reminded me we have our own "Pepper" (our pet lionhead bunny).

Glad this week's photo gave you such a favorable association :).

Thanks, too, for playing along! My philosophy? Better late than nevah!


Anonymous said...

I know what's it's like waiting for a new computer, you express it well

thanks for your visit

Mercedes said...

I love the association to your pets! I love Ms. Kitty and Molly! I am a big time animal lover!

SandyCarlson said...

How you will sing when the DHL guy comes! I share your anticipation! Wimbledon and blogging. How cool.
Writing in Faith: Poems

storyteller said...

Mike – Ah yez … most days are ‘good ones’ even when things don’t go my way. I’m glad you dropped by and hope all’s well with you.

Robin – I’ve enjoyed participating in all the 40PCs thus far and seeing what others do with the prompts too, so thanks for sharing the ideas and the opportunity.

Lissa – Thanks. Apparently it moved from Sparks, Nevada to Riverside, California late last night … so if it doesn’t get here today, I should have it Monday for sure. Of course, I’m hoping for today ;--)

Mercedes – Ah me too … and you’d probably LOVE my T-13 at Small Reflections this week since you’re an animal lover like me.

SandyCarlson – Yup, I’m counting my blessings big time … feeling grateful for my ‘happily retired life’ and the way the days unfold moment by moment.

I appreciate each of you dropping by and sharing my excitement. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Joyce said...

I love your salt and pepper, Molly and Ms. Kitty. :)

And I am so excited for you about the imminent arrival of your new laptop!

Anonymous said...

How delightful! A blogger sings her song of anticipation of a new PC! Too funny, storyteller!

zoya gautam said...

"Molly is a singer in a band?"(The Beatles:)-Molly and Ms. Kitty & All OF U-Happy Music!..

karisma said...

Your Salt and Pepper are very sweet! How lucky you are to have them. Truly blessed indeed!

storyteller said...

Joyce – Thanks … and I’m so glad my new Dell is finally here! It’s so much fun to explore … and so much FASTER than the old one. I’m sure I’ll love it ;--)

WillThink4Wine – (chuckling as I type this) You’re right … it WAS funny, but my new computer has been on my mind ever since ordering it 3 weeks ago. It’s HERE now and I’m THRILLED!

Zoya – I love your ‘Beatle’ references here and in your OSI post. Thanks for dropping by mine ;--)

Karisma – Yez … I am blessed to have such sweet fur-friends in my life.

To all – I apologize for my slowness in responding here, but I do appreciate your visit and comments on my HF/OSI/40PC post this week. I do love to multi-task ;--)
I hope you're having a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,