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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's on my mind ...

1. It's later in the day than usual to be writing my thoughts but if I don't do it now it won't get done at all. I'm distracted by TENNIS since the Australian Open started on Sunday and my DVR is set to record play overnight while I sleep. If I don't watch, there won't be room to record the next set of matches ... so that's what I did yesterday and today ... fast-forwarding through matches I don't care about & glued to 'exciting' play ... as with the first three 'roller coaster' sets between Roger Federer and Igor Andreev.

The young American, Melanie Oudin won her first set and had some match points in the second but couldn't convert ... so she's playing a 3rd set against Kudryavtseva. Both Serena and Venus are through to the next round ... so are Kim Clijsters & Justine Henin but Maria Sharapova's out ... losing to Kiralinko in the first round. Sad addendum ... Melanie missed her opportunities in this match and is out of the tournament already. She's such a fighter that this will no doubt be a hard loss and I'll miss seeing her play on.

3. It's raining for the 3rd day in a row here in Southern California and I'm enjoying the wet weather ... snapping photos when I'm able and taking advantage of 'breaks' in the rain to walk and/or play outside with Molly. Yesterday I shared some threatening clouds (termite views too) at Happily Retired Gal and this morning I published rainy day photos from yesterday there ... then opened my 'reader' to do some visiting.

4. Even though I cleaned the drains on the deck before the rain started, debris washed off the roof and 'stuph' on the decks and caused a puddle at the top of the stairs ... (see me in the reflection?) ... but I got out the broom and cleared it away and am hoping it won't happen again.

5. The promised 'secure envelope' from Social Security didn't arrive on Friday (or on Saturday either) and there was no mail delivery Monday, so I'm hoping it will show up in today's mail. Time is growing short to get all the paperwork in place. I've got an 8am Friday morning appointment to sign up for an Anthem Blue Cross Supplemental Plan. Next I need to decide on a Part D 'prescription drug' plan.

6. Tomorrow I get a much-needed hair cut in the afternoon and I'll have class in the evening. Perhaps I'll connect with my sister for lunch since she lives close to the salon. I'll call her in a little while.

7. Outside the thunder is rumbling noisily ... the wind is blowing the trees around wildly and the rain is really coming down ... much harder than before, but I see no lightning yet. I suspect there will be palm fronds everywhere when this squall passes.

8. I've snapped a few more photos through the French Doors and with the doors open too but probably won't upload them until later. I suppose if this continues I might need to shut down the computer for a while. Mozilla crashed twice while I was creating this post ... but at least the laptop itself didn't crash to a Blue Screen today.

9. I'm feeling hungry and think I'll open a can of soup when I finish here. Methinks I'll leave you with one last photo snapped yesterday ... this one of Ms Kitty in a familiar pose ... hoping I'll feed her early before the rain starts again. Of course I did ... after emptying the rainwater that had collected in her dish.

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Tuesday evening addendum at 6pm
This afternoon the skies opened up and GUSHED for quite some! A neighbor told me there had been a waterspout off shore and when I switched from tennis to news a few minutes ago I see she was correct. Not far from me in Costa Mesa, Seal Beach and Huntington Harbor there was significant damage to some boats, cars, and houses when the 'waterspout' came ashore and became a small tornado.

This was the second 'El Niño' storm and there are two more to follow ... with the heaviest rain expected on Thursday. Apparently 500 homes in one of the main 'burn areas' from last October have received mandatory evacuation orders for tomorrow morning starting at 9am because the worst is yet to come (2-4" predicted for Wednesday & an additional 3-5" with more 'waterspouts' on Thursday) and the hillsides are already saturated. At the moment it's drizzling again ... but gently. Molly and I were able to get some exercise in the late afternoon and I took some more photos to share as well.

Here's wishing everyone a delightful day ;-)

Thought for Today
"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." Roger Miller


Barb said...

Yes, I see you in all that "stuph" in the drain - don't sweep yourself away. What class are you taking? The kitty looks like my Grandkitty - I hope Alley didn't run away to S CA!

Matty said...

I have to admit that while I enjoy playing tennis, I don't care for watching it on TV. But a lot people say the same about baseball.

Mother nature sure is making waves across the country, and very unpredictable.

I haven't had any problems with Firefox.....knock wood.

Michele said...

What a beautiful kitty. I hear you all are going to get a whole lot of rain. Try to stay dry.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I must tell hubby about the Australian Open. As I said before, he's a huge tennis player, plays about three times a week. And always watches it all on t.V. But we've been so busy, I think he's forgotten about this. I will have him read your blog to get caught up on all the happenings. He will LOVE this! Sorry about your weather. I can see you in the picture, but it's kind of like an optical illusion, as I can't really make out that it's the top of steps. Clever photo. The best thing in this post for me is the lemon tree!!! How lovely and full of lemons! And your beautiful blue deck chairs. I want to come sit with you and smell lemons.

Claremont First Ward said...

We spent the day MOnday snaking our drain pipes outside. This rain is sure something!

Ginny Marie said...

A waterspout! I would have loved to see that...but it's scary at the same time! We get a lot of tornadoes here in the Midwest, and I'm terrified of them. I agree with the Ginny above...I love the lemon trees, too!

Momisodes said...

I heard about the heavy rains there! Sounds like your garden may be getting a serious watering this week. They predicted that your weather may reach us by Monday!

Hope you're staying dry.

Karen said...

Boy howdy--you Californians really know how to "do" rain, don't you?! I hope you get what you need (and not much more) and that all is well!!