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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Know my Christmas Carols and I'm a Confident Chica! How about YOU?

You may notice the 2nd Christmas Carol Quiz Award in my sidebar. The 1st one is in the sidebar at Small Reflections. Akelamalu presented them to those who participated in her two Christmas Carol Quizzes at Everything and Nothing.

your last
opportunity to
enter MY
Small Reflections
Christmas Carol Quiz
and receive THIS award designed
Mary to which I
added snow.

Snowy Christmas Carol Award

It's pretty cool
and would add a bit of festiveness
to YOUR blog for the rest of the month.
So send your answers to me at
before you turn off your computer tonight
because I'm posting answers

It's been one of those days that just got away from me. I wanted to share something before I turn off the computer for the night, and this Blogthing seemed like fun. Here are my results. I look forward to finding out what you get for results if you care to share.

You're a Confident Chica

You're a total superstar - and you know it
Even if no one else does (in which case you'll remind them)
You hate to admit that you're wrong... even to yourself
Your life is great - and you've thankful for every great thing you have
Are You a Confident Woman?

Finally, as I explained earlier at Small Reflections, I've jumped on the RSS FeedBurner band-wagon. After finding links like this on other blogs useful to me as I've wandered the Blogosphere, I decided to experiment here. I'm not sure exactly how all this works, but since I've used a "reader" for a while now (thanks to Annie), if linking up like this makes it easier for others to keep track of things, I'm willing to give it a go. So ... you'll notice the RSS "Subscribe" logo in my Sidebar. Hopefully this makes it simpler if you use a "reader" and wish to subscribe. If you encounter problems, please let me know so I can make modifications as necessary.


Maude Lynn said...

Hmmm . . . I'm confident, sometimes. So, the quiz says!

Talking Bear said...

Even though I have not made an effort to figure your quiz out, I love the snow thingy. And "No" I am not taking the Chica quiz.

Hugs and Blessings to ya....TB

storyteller said...

Mama Zen - Anyone who can survive black paint spilled on a carpet while cooped up with children & a dog (with schools closed for a week) during an ice storm like you've just experienced and still have a sense of humor has got to be confident! Of course, w/o laughter we'd be hauling you off to the funny farm as soon as snowplows cleared the streets. I do feel for ya mama ... seriously!

TB - I guess you'll just have to enjoy the award here and at PJ's since you won't play. LOL ... I guess I'll have to find a quiz for bears in hibernation. Things seem quiet at Sleepy Bear Hollow lately. Have you been collaborating with Santa or just snoozing these winter days away? ... zzzzzzz

Thanks to both of you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed our "virtual" sunny weather vicariously.
Hugs and blessings,

His Girl Friday said...

TB, but why not??!!! ;))

Hi Storyteller,
I love the snowy thing too!! And, yes, he's either working or sleeping! ;)

storyteller said...

HFG -- now, be nice to the big furry bear. He did come out of his cave for a visit and he wrote a lovely piece about YOU in his life at SBH! We'll cut him a little slack. Now ... why didn't YOU do the Blogthing and participate in my Quiz? LOL … I know you’re muttering something about home schooling, the holiday, weather, etc ... right? Thanks for stopping by. I've been wondering about the two of you lately ... hoping you're well and enjoying the holidays.
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

Well, I'm confident "sometimes"--something else to work on ;). I want to be a superstar, too!

storyteller said...

Karen - A while back I decided that PLAYING with new things (tasks, possibilities, ideas, goals, etc) made more sense than "working" on them. This little shift in my perspective (and vocabulary) made a big difference for me ... like when I practiced substituting "could" for "should" in my speech and decided to "let go of" or "release" excess weight rather than "lose" it (I tend to find things I lose, but when they're given away, they're gone for good!). Confident or not ... it's always an option.
Hugs and blessings,