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Monday, December 24, 2007

Vastly Varied Version in Verse

The list composed with letter “P”
came through these fingers easily,
but somehow with the letter “V”
this variation differently
evolved with effort. Fervently
I did quite energetically
apply myself most valiantly,
while wishing for the letter “T”
(R, B, D or even C)
feeling vexed and verbally
muttering with vividly
animated verse you see.

Thus I gave myself a break
considering “vignettes” to make
a version vixen-like & take
some liberties and thus create
a venerable variation,
hence this rhythmic protestation!
But, alas, with all this mentioned
I’ve produced (with good intention)
not a very “serious” version,
verifiable revision.

My Verbal (not Visual) “V” Vista of Virginia

(or Lucy’s Alliterative Activity)

1. Violet, a version of “purple” … my vividly vibrant choice for my “voice” once I volunteered for this 2nd verbal voyage.

2. Virginia, my given name, vexed me as a child. Friends & family volunteered “Ginny” for variety, though I would have preferred Veronica.

3. A Plymouth Valiant was my 1st vehicle once I could afford a car, though I vacillated forever. My father vehemently vented when I vowed to purchase a Volkswagen Beetle. Eventually, his vote vanquished my vixen-like verve, as I valued his voice and vast experience.

4. Violin, cello, piano, clarinet (and later guitar and autoharp) vied for my vigilant attention. My family viewed musical ability as valuable as volleyball and team ventures.

5. Velveteen Rabbit had a vigorously visceral effect on my vintage self and remains a favorite for its validity and vocabulary.

6. I’m no visionary, but often I view what’s visibly in vogue as vaguely vacuous.

7. My “ex” is a Vietnam Veteran who left home a conservative Republican and returned to vote liberal Democrat ever after. We met Valentine’s Day and married in Hawaii with volcanoes in the vicinity.

8. Vitamin C and Zicam restore vitality and vanquish evil germs when they invade.

9. I’ve visited Versailles & Vienna but not Venezuela.

10. I’ve written volumes throughout my life, venting, verifying, validating, and making visible tracks so I couldn’t vanish (along with my memories) by disappearing into other’s versions of life & relationship … so viscerally different from my own evolution.

If you haven't tried this for
yourself, feel free to thus explore
whatever letter pleases you
or ask, and I'll assign one to
you just the way that Lucy did
with me. It's fun & fancy free
to learn about another thus.
It's really not so ominous
I promise to provide a link
if you participate. Just think,

a way to make new blogging friends
as Christmas comes and this year ends.
For other people who have played
check out the links right here conveyed.


Kayce aka lucy said...

veritably vavavooom!!!
merry christmas, virginia. peace and blessings to you through the remainder of this holiday season. i am "off" for a bit but will return revitalized & ready for the new year. it has been a joy to get to know you through these pages these past few months! i look forward to more fun & fellowship!

storyteller said...

As I explained in a previous comments on other posts at Small Reflections, I’ve not had much time for “blogging” the past few days and plan to catch up this morning, if possible. I expected to spend more time here in “this virtual world” with no family in town with whom to celebrate, but surprisingly I’ve created new traditions of my own and experienced the kindness of friends who knew of my situation. After decades of including “strays” in our family gatherings, I’ve become one … and realize (perhaps for the 1st time while being on the "receiving" end) what a lovely gift such fellowship is.
How unexpectedly pleasant it's been to find my “gmail” box filled with so many holiday greetings today. I’ve decided to spend some time responding before doing anything else. I hope your Christmas celebrations were merry & bright Lucy, and the New Year brings wonder and joy to you and yours!
Hugs and blessings,