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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve and Thanks to all my Blogging Buddies here at Sacred Ruminations

Having spent several hours this morning revisiting my blogging progress at Small Reflections, I'm not ready to do that here because other activities call for my attention. I suppose I could put this off until tomorrow, but I suspect I won't have the discretionary time to devote to the task then either. Therefore, I've decided to take a more general approach now, and perhaps review here in greater detail at a later date (or not).

Initially, my intention in this space was to explore My Sacred Life following Carla's inspiring example ... as so many have done before me. For 31 days, I did just that ... finishing interestingly on Thanksgiving Day. Since then I've participated in Sacred Life Sunday. In these first ten weeks of blogging, I've written for myself as I always have, realizing that people might be reading ... but trying not to let that awareness get in the way of sharing.

In October, if memory serves, Sharon (a friend from the Taos Writer's Retreat ... otherwise known as WGASA Woman) left the first comments. She was warmly supportive and encouraging. It felt okay to be writing for myself but having someone occasionally read and comment. In November Lucy found me along with Karen (my most regular visitor to both blogs), Annie, Chani, Mother of Invention, Heart in San Francisco, Kikipotamus, Olivia, Talking Bear, His Girl Friday, Ladybug, and perhaps a few others whose names escape me as I type this.

Encouraged by their occasional affirmative comments, I felt emboldened ... yet lost focus for a while, perhaps because of participating in NaBloPoMo (30 posts in 30 days during November) and Holidailies (31 posts in 31 days of December). Throughout November, Claire, Sacred Susie, Suzann, Kathryn, Deborah, Carla, Dandelion Seeds, and Catherine visited and left comments once or twice. Recently I've regained my focus and started to share snippets of old journal entries interspersed with current writings, inspirational quotes, some links of interest, and an occasional meme.

By December Annie and Kara (returning from personal blogging retreats), Karen, Ladybug, Kikipotamus, Mama Zen, The Dream, and MP J became "regulars" ... with Chani, Eve, Melissa, Michele, Moanna, Peajay, Talking Bear, and His Girl Friday leaving a comment now and then. There may have been others whose names escape me as I type today. If so, please forgive me. You know who you are, and if you remind me I'll be happy to add your names to this post later. A few of you read both this blog and Small Reflections.

I enjoy visiting your blogs, reading your posts, and leaving comments of my own when I have time and something to say. I like to let you know I've stopped by, but I often read without commenting when time is at a premium. Likewise, it's fun to read and respond to your observations here, but I suspect that like me you don't always have time to stop and share. I appreciate it when you do, and understand when you don't. In 2008, I intend to continue my exploratory process and see where it leads.

I am happy to have encountered you all in this "virtual world" and think of you as friends. With that in mind, (and in the spirit of good-natured fun) I share with you three graphics that you may take back to your own blogs (or not) as you choose.

(my personal favorite, but
perhaps not yours)

This ...

Blogging Buddies Rock

And this ...

My good intentions to make this short and sweet have gone by the wayside. I can be obsessive and a bit compulsive. It seems the "perfectionist" in me won out this afternoon, perhaps because I didn't want to "slight" anyone here after spending so much time on my thank you post at Small Reflections. I value each of you, just as I value my Blogging Buddies there.

Happy New Year's Eve
one and all!

Happy 3rd birthday to Molly!!!


thailandchani said...

I'm snarfing one of the graphics. :)

S'wadee pi mai ka. Happy new year to you. I look forward to continuing to read you regularly. (Even if I don't comment, please know that I'm reading. Sometimes I feel like an idiot, saying only "I agree". :)

storyteller said...

Chani - I'm glad you have done so and hope others will “snag” (or "snarf" - I love learning new things) one or more too. As for commenting or not, I understand fully, in fact ... now that I've discovered so many interesting folks in the Blogosphere, I read without commenting more often all the time (usually from Google Reader without actually visiting sites) ... chiming in only when I have something to say and/or when time permits. I believe it's what Sandy refers to as "lurking" ... LOL
I hope your brief blogging respite provided you with all you sought and that 2008 brings peace, wonder, joy, and fulfillment to you and yours.
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

I want to tell you that you, Storyteller, have inspired me to keep blogging. As well as sharing so much of your own writing/musing, you have been so incredibly generous in commenting on all of my blog entries--and for those days when it seems like no one is listening, I can't tell you how much of a loving warm boost that is!

I hope you have a wonderful new year!

storyteller said...

Karen - ah shucks (blushing) ... thanks for the kind words. I figure we're in this blogging adventure together, and it's nice to actually KNOW WHO YOUR ARE ... as opposed to conjuring up someone from my imagination based on what they type. I know what you mean about that warm feeling, though I try to let these blogs be like my journals always have been ... written primarily for me. When someone happens by and leaves a comment, it's a bonus. I'll be over later to wish you Happy New Year at your blog. I forgot to mention at Small Reflections that Molly says "woof" with her tail wagging a mile a minute!
Hugs and blessings,

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Only 10 weeks in the blogosphere and look at all these friends. At this rate, your thank you post next year will be three miles long. ;)

storyteller said...

MPJ - Ohmygosh! If that's true, I'll need to find a creative way to consolidate my comments or no one will want to spend any time here at all. I can be obsessively wordy as is! LOL

Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful bloggers at A Room Of Mama's Own. I look forward to visiting everyone often in 2008 (or at least as much as time permits).
Hugs and blessings,

Mike Golch said...

And a great big Happy new year to you also!!!reading your blogs really puts into perspective how much a novice I am.I'm not sure if I'll ever be any thing but a novice.I don't go places because of the seizures that I have.Even before the damn things started I did not travel,guess it stems from the fear of flying that was caused during a flight that I was on in the air force.Not to mention the lack of funds.
That being said I really enjoy staying at home with my Second Wife of soon to be 28 years.

storyteller said...

Mike – Thanks and a happy belated New Year to you! Just 11 weeks ago I was in your position. I’d never even READ a blog and didn’t have a clue how to do anything in this “virtual world” … however, I’m “happily retired” and highly motivated.

Back in October I had lots of time on my hands. My best friends were traveling in RVs with their husbands. My sister and her husband have been on the road for more than 6 months this time and intend to be out there traveling for another 18 months at the least. In previous years they’ve gone for 6 months at a time and returned for health reasons, but this time they’re doing fine with health care along the way.

Anyway, my point is … you may surprise yourself with what you’ll be able to do here in a few months if you invest time experimenting and ask questions when you need help. I’ve found bloggers to be kind and generous with their knowledge.

Best wishes to you and your wife on your upcoming anniversary and happy blogging to you.
Hugs and blessings,