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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sacred Life Sunday at Home

I've started my 2nd alliterative piece for Lucy's game, (see Small Reflections for my playful purple "P" post) but a call from my sister this afternoon consumed my writing time ... so my vibrant "V" verbiage must wait for tomorrow.

This evening I'm sharing
more treasures from my home in three photos.

To the left is my Mom's piano in my living room with three of my favorite books containing poems by Nancy Wood beautifully illustrated by Frank Howell. From left to right they are: DANCING MOONS, SHAMAN'S CIRCLE, and SPIRIT WALKER. Also displayed from left to right are hand made art pieces purchased directly from the artists who created them: a carved "bear" motif gourd ... a hand-painted goose egg with an African scene highlighting a giraffe, elephant, and lion ... the pair of snowmen shown last Sunday ... and three more giraffe pieces with my piano lamp on the end.

Below is the 2nd pony I purchased in Taos. It's part of the "Trail of Painted Ponies Project" that I wrote about previously here when I shared my 1st Painted Pony. This is "Heavenly Pony" and was created by Noel Espinoza who was born in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. Noel has devoted his efforts as an artist to sharing a vision of Mexico as a place "as colorful and vivid as a memory." Of his inspiration for his Pony he writes, "The nobility and spirit of the Horse is so high and sublime it led me to take them to heavenly heights in the shape of billowing clouds."

Finally, the rose below is blooming in my yard today (along with a few others). It's been cooler than usual for the last few weeks,

but today was sunny & warm "t-shirt & shorts" weather for most locals and visitors alike.

These apricot colored roses have a delicious scent that permeates the entire yard. They last longer than most roses and draw the attention of everyone who passes by.

Today's Zen cards by Daniel Levin:

"What is, is. What IS not, is not. No amount of WISHING or wanting can change that simple fact."
"Tao is truth. FOLLOW it. Meditate on it. BECOME it. Then forget it. Only then can you live it."

"MEDITATE. Live simply. WORK with integrity. Become Compassion. This is the WAY."


Kara said...

I see that lovely rose and suddenly I wish I was in California. Actually, I wish I was somewhere exotic for Christmas. Enjoy!

Mary said...

I love the pony and the rose. They are both beautiful.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my angel post. It touched my life in a very special way.

May the Light of Christmas shine in your heart and home this Christmas and throughout the New Year.


storyteller said...

Thanks to both of you for visiting during the holidays. I've been busy, but am trying to catch up a bit tonight.

Kara – Today snow has some appeal on Christmas (especially as we deal with WINDY weather again today). Of course exotic has its appeal too. I’m not sure what that rose will look like tomorrow, but there are two buds ready to take it’s place in the next few days. We are fortunate to have such pleasant temperatures here. Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to your and yours.

Mary – I appreciate your lovely Christmas wishes and hope your Christmas celebrations were joyous with your family. Have a safe trip to Florida and enjoy the break from your snowy weather. Maybe you’ll see roses blooming there?

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart and bring wonderful experiences in 2008.
Hugs and blessings,