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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Messages from my Left Hand (with brief snippets from my right) - December 1999

I want you to stop and let this sink in fully so you don't continue to wander and keep missing the mark. You cannot fail, but you can ... indeed MUST live your truth! And please ... know that I am in, with, and around you and everyone else ALWAYS. You need but ask and receive -- stop --- look -- listen -- learn --teach!

You can't pass it on without catching it!

Now is all there is!

Do you see how much needless guilt you carry even now? Relax and lay those burdens down one by one -- now and forever.

"People living the truth change the world." Louise Hay

Love yourself as you love others
whole heartedly
as I love you
just as you are
as I created you.

Be still and know
I am with you always in all ways.

Believe as you did when a child.
what of the glitch in my stomach just now?
Relax it will pass ...

What's good about me?
- I'm bright & honest ... articulate & modest even as I'm self-confident ... speaking or writing what's on my mind.
- I look for the good in all situations, events, relationships & experiences.
- I'm changing and growing all the time, even as I hold fast to what seems to matter.
- I'm learning to be still & listen ... to know & understand ... to pull weeds & kick stones, holding on to dreams while living with bones ...
- I'm learning to appreciate my gifts, talents, & blessings and to be willing to share them more generously all the time.
- I'm responsible & caring ... willing and able to do what's needed, even when the doing feels challenging.
- I find joy in unexpected places and experience everyday miracles gratefully.

Revisiting lessons from A COURSE IN MIRACLES:
#121 Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
#122 Forgiveness offers everything I want.

Ah ... has it always been thus?
Of course.

How did I forget?
You were carefully taught.

And like a good compliant girl, I learned ... trusted ... believed ... and did what I thought I was supposed to.
And now?

Good question -- am I doing the same thing now? How can I know?
Are you happy ? Do you feel free?

Yes ... and yes, except when I don't.
Are you laughing at me?
Yes ... and I also cry with you ... as well as sigh, rage, hurt, etc. There is nothing we do not share except guilt. You do that one even as I offer forgiveness.

Ah -- I imagine that's frustrating for you then.
At times, but I know the power of love and forgiveness ... and eternity exists after all.

Small shifts are heartening, right?

I am happy insomuch as I understand happiness, and I'm becoming freer all the time ... especially as I come to know it's me who has been my own jailer all these years ... and to recognize I've misunderstood so much. Blessed be and thank YOU very much!

Postscript from Today
It's strange & intriguing to revisit my past in this manner, putting it out there for all to see as I consider how I've changed & grown ... opening myself up to guidance for the year ahead. As always, I'm surprised at what I forget & need to be reminded of ... and wonder if this is so for others. Perhaps I could ask ... is it?

On a different topic altogether
for those of you who read this blog
but not Small Reflections ...
Here's Something Special!
Kara, at Spiritdoll offered a link at the end of her 12 Random Chistmasy Things list to this brief but timely and inspirational Inner Christmas Movie created and offered by Lynn Jerico who reminds us "... wonder and wisdom live in questions, not answers." I hope you'll pause a moment to click and watch it because I'm glad I did. I suspect many of us will be considering "The Twelve Polarities" and participating in the "Twelve Minutes of Inner Christmas Practice" between December 25th and January 5th this year. Thank you Kara!


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Catching up on my blog reading and just wanted to say I've really been enjoying this series of posts!

storyteller said...

MP J – This morning, the day after Christmas, I’m catching up with comments from the past few days and feel blessed that you took the time to read my ramblings and reply in such a supportive manner, especially at this busy time of year. Thank you.
Hugs and blessings,