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Friday, January 25, 2008

Haiku Friday - Federer's Finesse Flounders

Difficult to watch
Roger Federer so flat
in this 3 set match.

Djokovic did play
brilliantly once late in the
1st set ... bouncing back

leveling the score
when it looked like Federer
had it all wrapped up.

Second set he pressed
even more successfully
taking it 6-3.

Third set was a fight.
Federer aggressively
battled back to lead

briefly ... Djokovic
held to force a tie-break and
ultimately win.

Tsonga now will play
Djokovic on Sunday ... That
could be one great match!

Many all time feats
ten consecutive finals ...
40 hard court wins

in a row. It's true
Fed's been number ONE for 4
years and still retains

that distinction for
the time being, but how much
longer no one knows.

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Eve said...

Your tennis obsession makes me smile. A haiku about tennis - how appropriate and well done, too.

Kara said...

You're so good at haiku - you must think in those syllables- huh? I like the alliteration of Federer's Finesse Flounders too.

Kat said...

That was a great tennis haiku, from a true fan. Wow!

Anonymous said...

You know? I'm kinda glad he lost. It's about time for someone else to take over the top spot. Obviously, he's been amazing to watch, but nobody can keep it up forever.

storyteller said...

Eve – I’m glad to bring happiness and smiles definitely count! Thanks for the supportive feedback.

Kara – Thanks … I do sometimes “think” in Haiku. Perhaps it was all those years of teaching kids to write in this form (and others). I often think in rhyme … iambic pentameter comes most easily, but others occur in my mind as well. As for alliteration … don’t get me started. If you need evidence, check out the two alliterative posts I did at Lucy's instigation (with P at Small Reflections and V here at Sacred Ruminations).

Kathryn – Thanks … I am a fan of tennis … especially now that I no longer play myself. I enjoy the sport vicariously these days.

AFF – I sort of agree with you. Federer has foiled the careers of many an excellent player in recent years. Roddick, Hewitt, Agassi (and perhaps a few others) would have each won more Grand Slam Titles if Roger hadn’t played the game so magnificently these past 4 years. When I watched the Tipsarevic match, Federer showed vulnerability. The new surface in Australia isn’t as fast … so he didn’t have his usual “edge” and players are learning from one another what “works” against him. What happens next should be interesting. He’s so close to tying or surpassing the record of Pete Sampras, I’m sure he can “taste” it! As for the Australian Open, I can hardly wait for the last two matches. Each promises potentially excellent and exciting tennis.

Thanks to you all … Hugs and blessings!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Eve--the tennis obsession makes me smile too! The haiku is wonderful:-)

Momisodes said...

Tennis Haiku? You are too talented and way obsessed ;) Well done!

storyteller said...

Roseymum – Welcome to Sacred Ruminations and thanks for visiting. I love both Haiku and tennis … so mixing them seemed natural. I’m happy to bring a smile to your face and it’s nice to meet you.
Sandy – Thanks on both counts … I think :)
Hugs and blessings to you both,