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Saturday, January 26, 2008

How I Became a Blogger

I'm adding this post belatedly ... moving this information that once was in my sidebar so that I can add a link to this as I update my "About Me" information. Hopefully this is possible. I'll know soon.

On October 22, 2007 launched Small Reflections ... and the next day I created Sacred Ruminations. Having written in journals much of my adult life, these two blogs are my first efforts to share with others. I appreciate all those who visit either and/or both sites, sharing their thoughts & encouraging me to continue publishing in this manner.

I'm grateful to my all Taos "Writers Spa" friends who encouraged me to just "go for it" ... put myself out there and see what happens ... playfully & without worries, forcing nothing & holding nothing back ... letting myself be.

My good friend Carol deserves special thanks for giving me THE LIFE ORGANIZER by Jennifer Louden on my birthday in February of 2007 and HOW MUCH JOY by Suzanne Falter Barnes back in June of 2001 when we retired happily & early ... starting this incredible chain of events. Kudos likewise to Jackie who has encouraged me for YEARS to take the plunge ... along with my sister, Barbara who has always wanted me to share my writing! I love & appreciate you all and am delighted to be here finally.
Hugs and Blessings


Kayce aka lucy said...

february birthday???? i hope you will allow us to celebrate with you!!

storyteller said...

Lucy – How funny! I must admit it’s totally unexpected to find a comment on this non-post.

Moving my original “About Me” info from my sidebar to here did work so I could “update” it as intended. I’m guessing this post must have shown up in “readers” (even with the old date I assigned it - I learn something new all the time) although I’ve not even opened Google Reader for several days so I wouldn’t know. Perhaps I should have given it a title like "ignore this post" ??? LOL

Yup – my birthday is the 23rd and I’ll be 63, though I have no idea where all those years have gone. Celebrating is good. I’ve made no plans yet … but will think about options.

I’m sure you’ve been up to a ton of creative stuph and hopefully I’ll be over to visit in the next day or two. I’ve promised Molly a walk to Dog Beach because I’ve left her alone for several days now … getting together with friends in the real world. I’m trying to clear out my email box before doing that … seeking some sense of balance and perspective as I focus on the “real” world more than the Blogosphere currently.
Hugs and blessings,