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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ohmygosh ... It's Happening Again!!!

After Federer defeated Tipsarevic at 10-8 in a 5th set of an afternoon match, causing the evening matches to be delayed several hours ...

it's a tie-break in the 4th set of the Hewitt-Baghdatis match started just before midnight last night ... continuing well into the wee hours of the morning. If Hewitt wins, the match is over ... but if Baghdatis wins they'll play a 5th set even though it's almost 4AM on Sunday in Australia. Of course, as with the matches I recorded while I slept and watched earlier today (and the ones I watched and wrote of yesterday) ... the world knew hours ago of their success (and failure). Yet ... as Einstein said, time is relative and in MY little corner of the world ... the outcome is up in the air still. Considering that it's only late Saturday afternoon here in Southern California as I type this make it all the more confusing.

I offer my sincere apologies to all who don't follow tennis, but 4 times a year I become a bit obsessed with the topic during the four major tournaments ... so please bear with me.

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Monique Kleinhans said...

Wow! that sounds pretty exciting. (even though I don't tend to follow tennis too much...I don't understand enough of the game to really enjoy and appreciate watching it on television.)

And the way I PLAY tennis they might not let me in to watch a match live....When I try to play tennis all my friends end up playing fetch! lol

Eve said...

I get a bit obsessive from time to time myself - probably more than 4 times per year. I'm glad to know it was only tennis taking up your time. When I didn't find a new post on either of your sites I was afraid you had become ill, like Sandy at Momisodes.

Annie Z said...

I didn't stay up to watch THAT match that's for sure!!
But as usual, there was a replay of the last set in the morning.

storyteller said...

Ladybug – I admire you for taking the “no TV” stance, but it’s for moments like this that I keep my access. Overall, I don’t watch much TV at all except for the 8 weeks of the 4 majors. I follow no other sports (except for the Olympics and then I watch individual sports when I’m around because what those athletes do is so inspiring). My “football” fanatic neighbors just don’t “get me” at all because I never watch team sports.

Eve – Thanks for thinking of me. I might have let the day pass without posting … but for the Blog 365 thing. LOL

Annie – I understand why the tournament officials decided to break the rule and start the match just before midnight for the spectators who had waited in the rain so long to see the match, but I suspect the players would have appreciated postponing the match until the next day.

I’m amazed at the many exciting 5-set matches with such dramatic swings in momentum. I don’t recall seeing so many on the main courts however in the past. Seems like these usually happen on the outer courts. I’m watching the Tsonga-Gasquet match as I type this … they’re just beginning the 4th set with Tsonga taking the 3rd in a tie-break putting him ahead 2 sets to 1 … so THIS could be another 5-set match!

The Sharapova-Diementia match wasn’t as compelling, so I managed to get my Sacred Life Sunday post up already here.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments.
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

You're hilarious! This obsession is so cute...and human!

storyteller said...

Karen – It was hard to watch Serena play so lethargically and lose to Jankovic yesterday and Henin play so hard and lose her match to Sharapova. These were huge upsets! I think Venus plays Ivanovic tonight … and James Blake plays Federer either tonight or tomorrow. They’re the last two Americans left in the draw so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Yes … it’s quite human and exceedingly obsessive, but such is life. LOL
Hugs and blessings,