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Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 4 Giving & Receiving (My Sacred Life)

A COURSE IN MIRACLES teaches that giving and receiving are the same. I've learned this truth first-hand many times in the past, and I experienced it twice over today ... first with C and then with S ... both women I met recently in Taos at a Writers Retreat.

C does psychic readings in person and over the telephone. She did mine today ... providing amazingly useful, thought-provoking, & self-affirming information. I suspect I'll be processing what she shared indefinitely as I pursue new challenges, stepping out of my comfort zone to share what I can with others while discovering what I'm here to do with a joy-filled & playful spirit. When she finished, I asked her how she could possibly know so much about me ... and she just laughed and thanked ME for this "gift" of validating feedback. We both felt enriched by our connection. I shall write more specifically about her reading in future posts.

Similarly S called this afternoon to compliment me after checking out my two new Blog sites for the first time. She shared her desire to experiment similarly and I offered to talk her through the process ... sharing what I've learned recently myself. Within a couple of hours she created a site of her own called The WGASA Revolution, and, afterwards she expressed her gratitude for my clarity, knowledge, and "infinite patience" ... along with conveying joy-filled excitement with all she'd accomplished. Like C, I found her feedback to be a gift of validation and experienced my own joy mirrored in hers.

Touch truth and pass it on. How cool is this?

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