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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 2 On Being Myself (My Sacred Life)

"The greatest contribution that you can make is the aliveness that comes from simply being yourself, living, your truth, and doing what you love. The passionate expression of who we are will heal the world." Shatki Gawain
Upon stepping outside this morning, I'm grateful to experience the air here at the beach smelling almost normal again though the skies remain ominously brownish-orange. Winds must be shifting. I hear the surf and anticipate a walk with Molly in a little while. Maybe we'll go to Dog Beach where she can run and play, though as I type this, the television commentator advises us to stay indoors and out of the surf, so perhaps I'll take her to a local park instead. I know she won't be happy on a leash for long. She needs to stretch her legs and run ... at least for a little while.

My neighborhood is littered with palm fronds and debris. Thousands of palm seeds rest on sidewalks, lawns, and flowerbeds. My lemons have started to ripen at last, but the plants & flowers droop. Perhaps water will revive them. I survey the neighborhood, counting my blessings, and praying for those in need. We've been spared the devastation so of many Southern California communities. My mind cannot process such destruction. More than 750,000 evacuees ... thousands of homes lost ... and fires rage on ... mostly unchecked. Apparently they'll burn for weeks ...(possibly months)... because limited resources have caused fire-fighters to concentrate on structure protection rather than fire containment ... allowing the non-developed sides of the fires to burn unchecked through the wilderness areas.

Today's message from Renaissance Unity begins with this quote ...

"Our neighbor is anyone who needs assistance, whether friend or stranger. We cannot expect to correct all the ills of the world but we can help the people with whom we come in contact. This is our spiritual service." Elizabeth Sand Turner

and offers this affirmation:

"I am in alignment with my spiritual responsibilities."

I'm grateful for these daily reminders to keep me focused. If you haven't found them yet, you can check them out here
and subscribe (if you choose) at http://www.renaissanceunity.org/dailyemail.htm .

For myself, I think I'll pull together things to drop off at the Red Cross and begin to clean up the yard as I consider what else I might do to be of help and offer blessings to you and yours as I post this.

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