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Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 7 Reconnecting with Spirit (My Sacred Life)

In THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, Don Miguel Ruiz suggests we make small changes ... encouraging us to be "impeccable" with our word ... "make no assumptions" ... "take nothing personally" ... and "always do our best". Of the four, the first was the one that I had the most difficulty remembering and understanding, but over time I've come to know it's my INTERNAL conversations that require the most work in this regard. My inner "nag" can be ruthlessly critical & relentless. No one has ever been as unkind to me as I've been to myself.

Decades ago while writing in my journal one morning, my left hand unexpectedly took charge of my mechanical pencil and moved on the page, revealing a more gentle voice within ... writing that I'm perfect & loved ... "just as I am".

The first time this happened, my left hand filled the page (in a childlike scrawl) with a simple phrase repeated insistently ("I love you just as you are ... just as you are ... just as you are ... just as you are ... just as you are ...) and refused to return the pencil to my right hand until reminding me that I need to love myself just as I am also.

I remember the emotional confusion ... tears ... relief ... amazement ... and wonder of it all as I put the journal down and moved through the days that followed ... mindfully realizing this voice dwells within alongside my "nag" but is harder to hear because it's more quiet and calm. When I do listen ... it reassure me often and I experience everyday life differently.

I've shared this experience with a few trusted friends over the years and each tells me it "resonates" ... but recently Christina asked if I'd send her a copy of the page to hang on her wall. I promised I'd do so when I find it. With boxes of journals stacked in my spare room, I have no idea when that might happen ... but it got me thinking.

I'm grateful to authors like Don Miguel Ruiz who share their truth ...(helping us discover our own)... and I'm wondering what gems might be hidden away, but worth sharing from the collection of journals I've filled in the past 40 years.

What authors speak to YOU
and what truths are you here to share with others?

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