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Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 14 Playful Discovery (My Sacred Life)

A follow up comment to one I made yesterday (regarding cats, prisons, & Johnny Cash) at Spiritual Anecdotes showed up in my gmail account this morning and curiosity led me to click on Angela's name where I discovered Eclectic Recovery. After reading a bit about her journey (and making a mental note to pass this information on to a loved one dealing with addiction himself), I examined her link list of Friends and Neighbors and checked out a few.

That's how I encountered Rainbow Dreams, a Virtual Circle ... "a space to gather, and connect with other women who are blogging their thoughts and feelings, struggles and revelations as we journey on the path of our individual spiritual journeys" ... and stayed to explore with wonder. I eventually left a comment in response to a post about one of Isha Lerner's Inner Child Cards (a resource new to me that I may seek out) and asked to be added to their list ... sensing this is a community I long for.

I'm reminded that in Christina's "psychic reading" of me a few weeks ago, she shared multiple images of JOY ... explaining I was "showing her these images" to encourage myself to to "get our of my mind and into my heart" ... to play ... laugh ... dance crazily ... allow others to see my goofy, wild, saucy, sassy sides .

Fascinating "coincidences" since my "debut" into the virtual world of blogging include (yet are not limited to) the following:

--Learning my Aura is Violet. As I read the words in my reading (shared on Small Reflections near the bottom of the right column along with a link to find the color of your own aura) I felt humbly surprised, yet happily validated ... as if I could acknowledge myself in this "reflection" and be known finally ... just as I am. This, in turn, reminded me of earlier discoveries I blogged about ... You are Sunrise and Might This be Me? ... and today (as I revisit those early pieces) I recognize myself as I am becoming ... returning to love. I feel blessed and encouraged.

--Finding "kindred spirits" out there in this Virtual World ... connecting through comments and emails ... filling the empty places in my heart ... answering the longings of my soul. How strange to "come home" in this electronic space! I'm laughing aloud as I type ... dancing for joy as I refill my coffee cup ... realizing I want you to know me just as I am (in all my goofiness, saucy & sassy playfulness) at last ... and I trust you will greet me with kindness and consideration, whether or not you agree with my perceptions. Our experiences differ and our views (shaped by what's come before) may "resonate" (or not) ... but the conversations we encounter have value here and now. Some that come to quickly to mind are at Hearth Talks, Wellied on Life and The Joy of Six.

--Virtual communities springing up around wonderful ideas shared freely ... My Sacred Life, Soaring Free Souls, Blogging Without Obligation, Small is Beautiful & Passionate Blogs, One Thing--Be Brave, Wellness Wednesdays , and Rainbow Dreams mentioned previous (just to name a few) ... encouraging others to join in if desired.

Those who fear "letter writing" (along with reading, writing, "listening & speaking" our truths) are lost arts (&/or skills) need not. Forms may change, but communication continues ... and I feel blessed to meet you all.

Brief addendum:
Interesting to discover this morning's Daily Email from Renaissance Unity (after I left this post) is about PLAY and today's affirmation is
"I am at play with the Love that fills all things."

What playful discoveries have you countered lately?


Kayce aka lucy said...

play on, sister! you have hit on one of my favorite topics and much the journey i am on myself.

thailandchani said...

Thanks for all the referrals. :) I also read Eclectic Recovery and found many links (Sacred Life Sunday comes to mind immediately) by looking over Angela's blog.

This is just awesome, finding all of this wonderful writing - yours included!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You are off to a wonderful start.

I followed you back from Chani's place, and intend to return soon again.

storyteller said...

Thank you all! I'm so glad you've found me and enjoy my offerings. I'm enjoying the experience of being here and sharing daily. It's reassuring to know you're out there. Thanks so much for leaving comments.