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Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 21 Calmness (My Sacred Life)

Today's card from Daniel Levin's Zen Box says:
In all activity, practice CALMNESS.
To remain calm amidst the chaos of Life
requires a tremendous amount of focused ENERGY.
Be calmly active and actively calm.

I do my best to strive for balance. The idea of being "calmly active" while being "actively calm" reflects my on-going efforts to be mindful in all situations and consider paradoxes ... learning as I go ... releasing gently while holding on. So much of life is about embracing opposites ... seeing how things complement one another. It reminds me of "force nothing and hold nothing back" ... a recurring theme at our Writers Retreat this summer. I choose this idea for my walking meditation today ... "Be calmly active and actively calm."

Let's hear it for paradox ...
"both/and" rather than "either/or" thinking!
What opposites pull at you today?


thailandchani said...

Not any particular opposites come to mind. As you said, there are so many of them. :) I no longer try to reconcile them. They just.. are...

Suzie Ridler said...

Interesting! I will try this on my walk today, thank you.

storyteller said...

Chani -- wise choice. :)

SS -- you're quite welcome. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Molly's still waiting for me to take her on a long one. We've played out front a few times already, but she's clearly hoping for Dog Beach ... I'm thinking the neighborhood park. :)