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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 19 Balance (My Sacred Life)

My friend J told me about a little box of Zen Cards by Daniel Levin. Of course I bought one for myself (and for her) immediately. I've been drawing a card each day for months now ... reading & meditating on the words ... leaving it on top of the box & returning periodically to reread it until I can hold it in memory and use the idea in conversation with others throughout the day ... reflecting on each before returning it to the box and drawing another the next day. Today's card has this to say about Balance.
"The center is not
always the point of balance.
When you find that place where
BALANCE is achieved,
peace will result in all situations.
There is no conflict,
for everything RESTS
without strain."
Daniel Levin

Resting without strain ...
What a concept!
Letting ourselves and others be ... just as we are.
That's what I'll be playing with today.

What's on your mind that could use some balance?


thailandchani said...

I hadn't quite thought of it that way.. but, yes, it makes sense. Balance isn't a 50/50 kind of thing.

storyteller said...

Yez ... and you'll get a first hand lesson when you start riding that new bike of yours regularly Chani. (chuckling to myself)