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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 26 Practicing Compassion, Contentment , and Courage (My Sacred Life)

Today I choose to share three more of Daniel Levin's Zen Cards -- all three beginning with the letter "c" and each requiring me to be "calmly active" and "actively calm -- in balance.
FEEL the pain of others.
Understand their struggles
and disappointments,
their hardships and inadequacies,
and open your heart to them.
REALIZE that everyone
is doing the best they possibly can.
Judge no one,
but rather,
cradle all of humanity

in your heart."

in whatever life gives you.
CRAVE nothing else.
KNOW that
whatever you have been given
is for your own highest good."

Find the courage
to hold on to your beliefs,
even if the world around you
chooses to believe differently.
Have the COURAGE
to change those beliefs
that no longer
fit the person you have become.
In doing so, you truly become

Mindfully balancing these thoughts today, I step forward and embrace what comes in gratitude and invite you to join me.


Annie Z said...

Great cards! I love that you picked the courage card as well.

storyteller said...

Hope you're feeling better and that you continue to pay attention to and take care of yourself. It's amazing to me how similar life journeys can be. The details may differ significantly, but the underlying themes and issues "resonate" with truth and understanding as we each find our way ... meandering through life's experiences.

I loved the next two Zen cards also for the idea of "dancing with destiny" appeals to me ... perhaps because I no longer feel that have to get things "right" or "be perfect" ... I can simply be.

And that reminds me of Spencer Johnson's book THE PRECIOUS PRESENT. I used to read it aloud every year to students and observe their responses with interest.
Hugs and blessings,